Many users still do not know how the algorithms of the social platform Reddit work. That's why difficulties often arise with the promotion of various links. Recall that Reddit cannot be used as a direct advertising platform. For this, you will instantly get a ban from the moderators. But then how do others post links on Subreddit? Only reputable users without direct advertising can do that. Of course, you can share something important or your opinion by leaving a URL to this or that site. But you have to have positive karma and an advanced account to do so.  

How Reddit's Voting System Works
You can quite simply earn positive ratings on Reddit. To complete this, publish posts and leave comments. For every positive vote from other users, you get +1 point. For every negative vote, you get -1 point. Total karma affects the overall rating of your account. The better it is, the more privileges you receive. Only with a good reputation you can share links and your opinion about different brands, products, services and sites with other users. This is often used for advertising purposes. But Reddit's accounts can get blocked for advertising if they don't have enough karma. 
You must be an active user to receive an even number of points. You can't just write posts and wait for upvotes. Not only that, but you have to give your scores to other comments. This will increase activity. Reddit has a complicated grading system, so you have to watch out for several factors at once. Your posts will stay visible to other users longer if they get many positive ratings. 

The Benefits of Good Karma on Reddit
Good karma on this social platform has several advantages:
With minimal reputation, there are very many restrictions on Reddit (for example, you can leave a limited number of comments);
With a good reputation, the risk of getting banned for certain rule violations (in particular, for posting an advertising link in comments or posts) is reduced;
With a good reputation, most of your posts will make it to the top on the home page;
Users with a good reputation are better listened to (this even applies to advertising publications). 
Many people wonder how to earn positive karma on Reddit. For commercial purposes, you don't have to spend weeks and months to get a good reputation. You can use one of the special services to get upvotes. But remember, you still have to follow community rules and remain an active user. This will eliminate the risk of having your account blocked.