Owning an art gallery or displaying an artist’s work in an art exhibition is every artist’s dream. An art gallery is a perfect place to exhibit extraordinary artworks and gain various ideas from other art makers. As artists are known for their creativity, they always go on-trend and adapt to modernization. 

Nowadays, most art galleries are using technologies in their art exhibitions to display a piece of information about a certain art piece. 

With that being said, QR technology is now gaining attention to art galleries as they innovate and improve their artworks information by being accessible using a smartphone device. 

Learn how to modernize your art galleries with the use of QR codes. 

Why use QR codes in art galleries? 

A single QR code can contain a variety of data that are useful to provide more digital information to visitors to an artwork. This information can be links, documents, audio, video files, etc., and the information embedded in a QR is generated using a QR code generator with logo online. 

Aside from that, QR code is user-friendly, cost-efficient, easy to generate and most importantly, they are accessible using mobile devices.  

QR codes can also be an effective tool in marketing. Business industries are now integrating QR codes in their business operations and marketing campaigns to connect offline users to online information. Art gallery owners can also use these QR codes to promote their events and artists. 

5 interesting ways to utilize QR codes in Art Galleries

The use of QR codes in art galleries with proper implementation can draw so many benefits. Here are several ways to utilize QR codes in art galleries. 

Generate QR codes for event check-in!

Using a QR code to automatically get visitors’ information is an effective way to expedite the check-in process. Simply create a form where visitors fill in their information and instantly log them in once submitted. You can use Google forms then upload the URL form in an online QR code generator to create a QR code out of it. 

Use QR code as labels for artworks

It is important to have a description beside the artwork which gives more detail about a certain artwork. The description may include the name of the artist and an explanation of how the artist comes up with an amazing piece of art, his inspirations, and motivations. 

Telling a story is always the best with a touch of a digital element. 

By generating a QR code with embedded information (videos, files, PDFs, MP3, etc.) you can place the QR code beside the artwork so the visitors can access the information. 

With the use of QR codes, users just scan it and are redirected to a document file or page for the description. 

Make QR codes to redirect in an Image Gallery

Creating an online image gallery is absolutely helpful in marketing your art gallery. An image gallery allows you to make creative layouts of your sample artworks. With assistance from an efficient online QR code generator, you can seamlessly generate an image QR code that will display series of images. 

Create a QR code for your Social media pages

Posting samples of your artworks on social media can spread awareness about your art gallery. Your amazing photos will attract people to visit your art gallery as it would be a great experience if they can see your artworks personally.

Luckily, there’s no need for you to create a QR code for each social media page. Using an online QR code generator, you will be able to create just one QR code for your social media pages using a social media QR code. 

URL QR code for your website 

Having a website for your art gallery can boost your marketing campaign. On your website, you can allow people to book their visit to your art gallery, purchase your artworks, and view sample pictures of your artworks. 

Generating a QR code for your website (URL QR code) will let people automatically be redirected to your website after scanning it. The use of QR codes eliminates the hassle of manually typing the link or searching the website online which can be misleading sometimes. 


Nowadays, QR codes should be one of the important tools art gallery owners must have to adjust and adapt to the new normal society. With the boundless potential brought by QR code technology, there’s no doubt that the use of QR codes can give a more impressive and digital experience to people visiting your art gallery.  

As aesthetics are important for producing a successful art exhibit, curators and art directors can utilize the use of a QR code generator with logo to create themed QR codes.