Do you want to increase the security of your business premises? Have you ever considered installing access control systems and using cards for entrance control? Are you looking for the best security company that offers access control systems?

Access control systems.
The access control system authorizes and authenticates the individuals who can have access to information. This gives you the advantage of choosing who is granted access to your company’s data. Authentication is a way of verifying someone’s identity. Authorization determines if a user should be allowed to access data or make a transaction. In case of a data breach, access control is among the first policy to be investigated.If the employees of your organization can connect to the internet, your company is vulnerableto a data breach, and installing an access control system is very wise. It is important to choose a security company that is familiar with commercial doors, security hardware, and installation.

Qualities of a good security company to install the access control system.
Well-trained technical staff in card access control and certified in access control software.
Certified experts in electronic locking hardware that is used to controland secure the entrance of your building.
They should be able to service all the major brands of the card access systems.
Electrified door strikes, electromagnetic locks, and proximity card readers are provided during access control system installation to secure theentrance to your building. Authorized users are assigned credentials like a key card to enter the building.

Components of an access control system.

1. Access cards.
They are used to gain access through an electronic door secured by an access control system. They are usually light, easy to carry around, and uniquely encoded.

2. Access control keypads.
They have numeric keys and can be used instead of card readers. To gain access, one must enter the correct numeric code and provide a valid card.

3. Card readers.
They are mounted outside the door that they control and they read the access cards. There are two types of card readers namely proximity and insertion type.

4. Electric lock hardware.
This is a device used toelectrically lock and unlock the doors that are controlled by an access control system. There are different types of this hardware and they include: 

electric locks
electric strikes
electromagnetic locks 
electric exit devices
5. Access control field panels.
It connects all the components of an access control system.
6. Access control server computer.
It serves as the central database and file manager for the system.
It records the system’s activity.
It distributes information to and from the control panel.

Card entrance control system.
The card entrance control system consists of electrified locking hardware and electronic card readers to secure the entrance door of your building. This system allows:

The employers to provide key fobs or access cards to open a door.
The guests and users use electronic access cards and key fobs to enter the building.
The administrators to program doors, create user groups and assign a schedule to restrict access cards to an area after a certain time.
Access to an audit trail that shows who entered and at what time.
You to reprogram key fobs or key cards within the software hence reusable. There is no need of changing keys or locks.

An access security system enables you to know who entered a building, when, and using which door. Access control guarantees that only authorized and authenticated individuals can access your company’s data. An access card is used to permit entrance to a secure area. They can be reprogramed within the software hence reusable. The access control system consists of several components that are important in ensuring security.