It is pretty obvious that the future of text to speech is definitely in high demand.  From learning to the automotive industry, people are using it more and more by the day.

Companies like Naturaltts are really innovating and improving by the day with their technology, but most people are thinking that we are only at the start of innovation in this sector.

It Will Improve Lives

One of the most important things that I think text to speech technology will improve is the quality of human lives in many ways.

For instance, saving lives on the road because fewer people will be reading, and they can listen to their car speak to them.  Other areas of improved life can be kids learning to read and having a voice that can guide them through the words.

Or, think about people that have disorders that can’t let them read or speak properly.  It would really improve all areas of life like those examples and we might only be at the beginning of it.

We are only at the tip of the number of lives that this software is going to impact for the better in my opinion.

Machine Learning

Even though I am talking about the future, I am sure that this is happening as you read this.  What if we could have a machine that is like a human reading and it learns to speak with the tone and volume of another person.

It would be pretty freaky to hear yourself and your mannerisms of exactly how you speak to people with your lingo.  That could be the future of machine learning and text to speech combines to record your voice and relay it into a machine.

Maybe the future will even blow this prediction out of the water and be even more sophisticated.


Even though this point does kind of exist already, what if whatever language some writing is could be instantly said in English by a text to speech converter.

Imagine how the language barrier would greatly decrease and it could lead to translating humans that make their careers out of it obsolete.  That would really be a massive change to any international meeting and business taking place.

Making everyone able to understand each other’s language instantly would be a pretty cool impact to witness for sure.

Overall Impact

But to be honest, this article is probably thinking too small in terms of how much innovation text to speech will have on the world.  We can’t even imagine if some of the changes take place on this list, but that might just be scratching the surface in terms of what this will do.

It will be interesting to keep an eye on text to speech and other industries that pop up that will be related to it.  Thank you for reading and please share this post if you are interested and excited in the future of text to speech like us!