PDFs are conveniently shared all over the web as they provide data security and fixed formatting ease. But there are times when you urgently want to edit PDF files, for rectifying your own file or for simply adding an online signature.

This can be quickly done on any device, from smartphones to computers. But, most people do not know how to edit a PDF. Here, we will guide you through the easiest way of editing a PDF on the go!

Using Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a powerful word processing tool that you can use to edit and PDFs as well. You simply need to visit the webpage of a PDF converter like PDFSimpli and follow these steps:
  • On the website, scroll down to find the option 'Convert PDF to Text.' 
  • The website will prompt you to choose the desired PDF and upload it. 
  • Upon successful processing, you can download the .doc or .docx file on your computer or smartphone.
  • Use any word processing tool, like Microsoft Word or even Google Docs or WPSOffice, to make the required changes and save the file.
  • Return to the website and now choose 'Convert Text to PDF.' 
  • Upload your document here to download the final, edited PDF, and share it across.
Using the web browser 
Not satisfied with a third party processing software? No issues! You can also edit the PDF files right from your web browser.
  • Open the website of PDFSimpli and upload the PDF file directly there under the option 'Upload the PDF.'
  • After the processing is complete, the file will open in an online editor mode. 
  • The top bar of the screen has different document modifying options, from where you can add or remove text, add your signature, and even edit the already written text. 
  • Once you are done with the editing, save the file as PDF.
  • You will also get an option to download the PDF file for local sharing and usage. 

Not enough formatting options? Don't worry. The editor mode of PDFSimpli is designed for accessibility and takes care of all your text editing needs. Therefore, you can also find advanced options like:

Highlight text
If there is anything important that you want the readers to note, highlight it.

Organize pages
Have you jumbled up the series of page numbers in your document? It is effortless to organize them using this tool.

Remove redundancy and make your file ready to be published, using the redact option.

Need a sole right on the PDF? Add your watermark there so that it is never misused.

Add your brand logo or any stamp on official documents, using the Stamp option.

Password protect
Is your PDF only for limited viewing? It can still be downloaded and distributed. To avoid this, protect the file with a password and share it with only those whom you trust.

Can you find any more limitations to this online PDF editor? Probably not, because they have covered both the primary and advanced options for basic PDF editing. Overall, PDFSimpli is an efficient, neat, and free to use software for editing PDFs.