One of the many ways of advertisements you will see or hear today is by phonecalls. Most people use this way to endorse their products by calling different numbers. It might be effective in the view of callers, but how about the people receiving these random phone calls? Would you like it if you receive tons of random phone calls from people you don’t know?

Luckily, there are many apps today that can help solve your problems. Today, we have call blocker apps that have the capabilities to detect a spam call or a legitimate call. These apps weren’t as popular before, but with the increasing number of random calls from strangers, more and more people use these apps. Here are three apps that you can download right now. 

One of the best and well-known call blocker apps that you will find today is the Robokiller. It can be downloaded on Android and iOS, and it comes with a 7-day free trial. One of the many reasons why this app has made its way to the top is when it comes to blocking all of those unwanted calls, its call-blocking system literally kills the calls.

The app can detect whether the incoming call is a spam call or a real call. The app searches its entire database to determine whether the caller’s number falls under spams or not. Additionally, the app comes with an answer bot that takes care of the callers. It has a built-in prerecorded message that messes around with the caller.

Should I Answer
One of the best apps that you will also find today is the Should I Answer. Many people use the app because it’s easy to navigate around the app, and you don’t have to configure a lot of things for it to work properly. The app has one of the best protection against spam calls thanks to the community that updates the database. 

The app has an official website where all the users regularly update the database. Some users share their experiences with the numbers to give other people the idea of how to prevent the same experience from happening again. Since the app is connected to the website’s database, if an unknown number calls you, the app will automatically block the call. 

Since we’re talking about the best call blocker apps, you also might want to consider Nomorobo. The app has a simple and straightforward interface that is easy to use and set up. One of the features that the app offers is it allows you to configure all of the call-blocking tools. It has an Advanced Robocall Protection to protect you from receiving spoofed calls. 

When using the app, you will notice that you will always hear the first ring when someone calls you. This is to make room for the app to detect whether the incoming call is real or spam. If the app detects that the call is spam, it will automatically catch the call and block it. If the app doesn’t detect anything, your phone will continue to ring, and you should answer it.

Receiving calls from an unknown number is one of the most annoying things that could ruin your perfectly good day. Luckily, there are already a lot of good call blocker apps that you can download today. The list may be short, but these apps are already good enough to save your day from getting ruined.