Ever since the origin of Bitcoin, the only once that we got to know about Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto, was in the official white papers which discussed the idea and future of Bitcoin. That is it. Soon afterwards, Satoshi, whosoever he was whether a person or a group of developers decided to drop the project midday and disappear. However, that did not stop Bitcoin from reaching new heights every day by leaps and bounds. Bitcoin has taken the economy by storm and to a great level has also threatened the existence of government-backed traditional currency.

Even though Satoshi disappeared but in the last decade, several people came forward and claimed to be Bitcoin founders. Sadly, all these people’s claims soon fell apart as they never had enough proof to support their claims. Not just that some of them even went ahead claiming to be Bitcoin’s founder by filing copyright and trademark claims to the original Bitcoin white paper.

However, between all these madness nothing has been proved and Satoshi is still unavailable, hiding somewhere in the undisclosed location and enjoying watching the drama unfold.

Let’s start with the most famous and most discussed Satoshi Nakamoto, Dorian Nakamoto!

• Dorian Nakamoto 
This is one Satoshi that grabbed a lot of eyeballs. However, in this case, it was a print media that found out this Satoshi and carried reports that they have found Satoshi, and he is living in Temple city in California. This publication caused a lot of chaos and a lot of people and media gathered outside the house of this Satoshi to catch his glimpse and interview him.
The writer of the article claimed that there were huge similarities between both the Satoshi, both had a Japanese connection and had graduated from physics from California in Polytechnic. The author even went ahead to claim that Satoshi said that he had “Nothing to do with Bitcoin anymore”. 

However, Dorian Satoshi afterwards came forward and denied all these claims saying that he had misunderstood the question and he had nothing to do with Bitcoin whatsoever and their names being common was a mere coincidence.
•Craig Wright 

Craig Wright, an Australian businessman who came forward and claimed to the world that he is the ultimate creator of Bitcoin, the real Satoshi indeed and is running Bitcoin since 2009. Craig first came into limelight when he attended a Bitcoin investor’s conference in Los Angeles in 2015. He claimed here that he has been involved with Bitcoin Future login for a long time.

He did not stop here, he even went ahead and filed a copyright and trademark claims to the original Bitcoin white paper showing the proof of emails of the year 2009, where he is talking about Bitcoin and timestamps similarity of Satoshi and Wright. These claims of his even received a lot of criticism. Some of them even went ahead to call Wright an attention seeker but still Wright is unaffected and standing by his claims. 

• Wei Liu

Just when we thought there was enough of drama around Bitcoin and nothing more is left to be seen, just then another surprise in form of Wei Liu, a Chinese citizen jumped out from his cocoon and claimed his right over Bitcoin white paper just days after Wright did it.

After research, it was found out that Wei Liu was the CEO of the crypto-market research firm, named coinsummer. When asked out his claim to Bitcoin, he said that it was his way to mock Wright and tell people that anyone can claim for the copyright of Bitcoin. 

At last, I would like to say, that there have been so many people claiming to be Satoshi in the last decade but there is no strong evidence to prove their claims. It seems, like the Journey to unveil the real identity of Satoshi is going to be very long!