What is Invoicing Software?
Invoice is a document sent by the merchant to the buyer in lieu of the products or services that they have purchased. Invoicing Software allows you to generate invoices using the automated software or system. Invoices generated by the invoicing software includes the detailed cost or bill of the products or services that the seller has purchased. 

Purpose of Invoices 
Businesses usually need invoices in order to demand payments from their customers. An invoice is a legal agreement between both the buyer and seller. Here are some of the main functions of invoices. 

Managing Records
Legal Purposes 
Payment Tracking 
Accounting Purposes 
Make tax filing easy
Detailed Business Insights 

Types of Invoices 

Pro Forma Invoice
Pro Forma Invoice is a type of invoice that shapes the commitment of the seller to the buyer for the goods or services which they have purchased upon an agreed price. 

Commercial Invoice
Commercial Invoices include the bills for the goods that have exported i.e. moved between the international borders. 

Credit Invoice 
The Credit invoice includes the bill of the goods that are returned by the buyer to the seller due to some defect. 

Timesheet Invoice 
Timesheet Invoice is sent by the seller to the buyer in lieu of the delivered services to charge the client based on an hourly basis. 

Retainer Invoice 
A retainer invoice is usually issued to the buyer if they make payment in advance. The remaining charges will be charged from the buyer when their work is completed. 

Recurring Invoice
Recurring Invoice is sent to the customer from time to time over and over again if they make regular transactions such as subscription fees. 

Advantages of Invoices 
Invoicing Software is used for different accounting and financial purposes through automating the task. Some other benefits of Invoicing Software are. 

Cost-saving solutions by cutting staff members. 
Even a non-technical person can handle its operation quite easily
Faster Payments
Improve Cash Flow 
Less Fraud 
Better Security
Fast Error resolution
Improved relationships with clients 

Top 10 Unmatched Invoicing Software
Your Payment Processor 
Invoice Ninja 
Zoho Invoice
BQE Core 
Fresh Books

Your Payment Processor
Your payment processor will process all types of your invoices. Besides, it is also integrated with PayPal, Stripe, and Square that allows you to send invoices at no cost thus making the life of both buyer and seller easier. 

Your Payment Processor allows you to send and receive invoices for free. Besides, the payment link is included with each invoice in this Invoicing Software that allows you to just login to your account and pay to your merchant. 

Invoice Ninja 
Invoice Ninja is best recommended for the businesses that have their clients less than or equal to 100. It is also free to use. It is an open-source Invoicing Software with four different invoicing templates. Besides, it is also integrated with 45 different payment processors and also allows you to perform auto-billing. 
The free version of this software is completely free to use whereas the Pro version will cost you about 10$ per month as well as removing the limit of 100 clients. 

Due is one of the most popular Invoicing Software due to its less rates. Due charging rates are flat and start at only 2.8%. it also provides the options of time tracking as well as automatically remove the duplicate entry. Besides, multiple, secure payment option and digital wallet options are also available in this Invoicing Software. 

Invocie2Go is best recommended for the busy business personals. Using this invoicing software you can even send and receive payments using your mobile. 

Besides, the Invoice2Go detailed analytics feature will give you a detailed insight of your business with which you can track your invoices. Whereas it also features the option of read allowing you to see the read indication when your customers have go through the invoices. 

Bill.com allows you to easily manage your invoices as well as bills. This invoicing Software removes all the limitations that the traditional invoicing systems have. Besides, it also supports automated payments. It advanced alert system will alert you if your customer has unable to clear his/her invoice within the due date. 
Bill.com’s pricing starts at only 29$ per user per month and goes to 59$ per user per month. 

CloudBooksApp is also providing with one of the best invoicing software of all the times. The best thing about this software is its pricing plans which start from free and goes to 20$ per month that is it premium plan. Thus it is more affordable in the market as compared to other Invoicing Software. 

The software is built on advanced systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and offers some advanced features for free in its free package. 

Zoho Invoice
The main advantage of Zoho Invoice is its ability to grow with the business. This invoicing software allows you to send invoices, track payments, accept payments, track bills just using its software either through mobile or desktop app. 

Freelancers are able to use this software for free however, most of the people opt for the paid plans that start at around 9$ per month. 

BQE Core 
BQE is much more than invoicing software as it also allows you to perform accounting. Besides, it projects based business allows you to grow a specific project or part of your business, track it performance as well as send and receive invoices or payments under this project. 

Besides invoicing Harvest also allow you to manage particular projects as well as its profitability. Harvest is not as great as BQE however it is still a great solution to manage projects rather than business. 

Fresh Books 
Fresh Books is best for small businesses as well as self-employed personals. It is mostly recommended for time tracking and invoicing needs. Its pricing starts at around 15$ per month and goes to 25$ per month. 

We have discussed the invoicing software in detail provides you with the advantages as well as the functions of invoicing software. It is recommended to try any of the above-mentioned invoicing software for your business needs as we have go through all of the above-mentioned software and recommend you the findings based on our experience.