Domain names have become quite vital in modern world. Hence, people worldwide who owns a website owns such domain names. However, there are numerous facts which one should know before purchasing a domain name. Without knowing about these it might be that brandable domains might not work as efficiently as it should. Thus, before you get one, go through some of the facts which are given below in detail. 

Do domain names affect SEO results? 

To a certain extent domain names do matter when it comes to search engine optimization. However, it might not be as much as an individual thinks. For instance, search engines like Google, goes through over 200 factors before ranking a website. Hence, only domain names can’t affect much when it comes to SEO. 

People, who infuse targeted keywords in domains does matter but not as much as yesteryears. More than infusing keywords in domain names, opting for an excellent website quality is more essential these days.Furthermore, one shouldn’t think about this point a lot when choosing domain names as SEO experts have a number of approaches when they take up the task of promoting a website. 

A crucial thing one can consider is putting location in domain name. This is highly recommended for local businesses. Also, one can utilize domain names for highlighting keyword as it doesn’t require having same name as registered business. 

Is it possible to have a different domain name than registered business? 

One of the biggest misinformation people have these days is that their domain name has to be same as their registered business. However, it is not true at all! One can opt for different names when it comes to choosing brandable domain names. Nevertheless, there are few things which one should consider when the time comes to pick domain names. 

Ideally, people would want to have their domain names similar to their brands. So, ensure putting a name which is similar like if the registered business name is Solar Installation Ltd.; one can opt for domain names like solarinstallers, solarinstalling, etc. Even if these names are not the same as the registered business name, it still offers customers a clear idea about the services provided by the company as well as offers clients related name which is similar to their online search. 

What to know about trademark as well as copyright issues? 

When choosing a domain name for your business, it is the duty of an individual to ensure that 100% that the name he/she is planning to choose and register as a domain name isn’t already trademarked by another individual or organization. For example, if any business is known as London Solar and have trademarked that name, then it would be quite bad for Solar Installation Ltd. to put that at their domain name, even when London Solar might not have that as their registered domain name.  

Hence, it is similar when it comes to purchasing domain names for niche websites. For example, if an individual wants to review electronic products from a specific brand, one shouldn’t opt for buying a domain which is “” unless that company provides one with the permission to use it. 

If these things happen, then there are a lot of issues which surfaces which isn’t anyone’s effort or time. Hence, if there is any doubt regarding trademark or copyright issues, then an individual should definitely opt for legal advices from an attorney. 

Which domain extension is best? 

One of the most popular domain extensions is .com which is ideally the best. If it is possible, always try opting for getting a name that is consistent to the brand and also has an extension which is .com for ideal results. However, depending on where a company is situated, one can opt for extensions accordingly. 

For instance, a company of UK can choose to have, an Australian based company can use .au, India based firms can use, and so forth. Having localized extension with cheap domain names will not hurt a business along with .com extensions. However, if an organization can’t find .com extension, then can select .net, which is the next best after .com. If an organization is non-profit then .org is more suited. 

These are some of the facts which you need to keep in mind when opting for domain names. Once, you do it, you will have the best outcomes without any hassle!