With the introduction of broadband services, internet speed and TV services have highly improved in the UK. Major service contributors include Sky Fibre, BT Superfast, and Virgin Media. All promise the best deals, but you might be wondering which one you should go for. There are several things you will have to consider before deciding on a deal. By the end of this article, you will have a clearer understanding of broadband services and how to get a deal that works for you.

Understanding Broadband Fibres

Unlike traditional internet providers, broadband fibres use fibre optic cables in data transmission and reception. They are faster and offer better internet connection services. For most providers, you can get a maximum speed of up to 35Mb with around 4mbs per second download speeds and a minimum speed of about 5Mb. BT Superfast fibre is a more reliable option, especially for a business setting. It has a maximum speed of around 50 Mb or 6.25mbs per second.

Virgin Media is a bit different from other broadband providers in the fact that it uses coaxial cables rather than the copper fibre optic cables used by its counterparts. This allows them to offer high speeds of even 362 Mb or 45.25mbs per second.

Vetting for the Best Broadband Deals

There are a few factors that will determine if your broadband deal is the best for you. Such include:

· Desired speed

The primary consideration for any broadband service is the internet speed. It does not matter how cheap it may be; if it is not fast enough, then it is not worth your money.

· Pricing per month

In as much as one wants the best broadband service in the market, your budget can limit your choices. However, this does not mean that you go for poor service, just because it is the cheapest. The wise thing to do is to find a balance between quality services and what you are willing to spend. Be keen on the hidden savings and discount duration so that you are always aware of how much you are paying per month.

· The provider’s contract length

For most providers, your contract length will last between 12 months or a year to 18 months or one and a half a year, just as it is with SIM deals on Compare My Mobile. However, some offer more extended plans, which may mean cheaper monthly payments. This is great for someone with a permanent residence. For students and one renting out an apartment, you need to watch the length of your broadband contract.

· Setup Costs

Also, pay attention to the setup costs. Some providers might use a higher instalment fee to make up for the low monthly charges. This might be good for a long-term deal but painful for a short-term contract.

· Add-ons and Rewards

Aside from the broadband that you are paying for, you can get a provider who offers more services such as TV packages, mobile contracts, or call plans. With deals like these, you can kill two or three birds with one stone. However, be careful to calculate the difference between using a whole package with all services and hiring different services from different providers. This will help you determine the best deals. Also, consider rewards such as cashback guarantees or tech gifts to help you save as much as you can.


You need broadband that serves your needs, not one that is only popular. If you are running a business, high-speed broadband with a minimum speed of 60 Mbps should serve you right. If you only require the internet when handling small personal tasks, then lower speeds will be okay. You can find the best broadband out here quickly if you keep in mind the listed guidelines.