Digital signage displays is a great way to advertise your brand. Some studies have even showed that most of the people pay attention to the ads shown on digital signage then watching them on social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

The figure is 70 people out of a hundred for the people who remember watching an ad on a digital billboard. A research team named Intel concluded that people pay more attention to digital signage then the traditional billboards.

Digital signage is a very cost-efficient alternative for companies and organizations to reach a plethora of audience. Moreover, you are not annoying the public like those irritating pop-up ads. All your audience will be Passerby’s that have the ability to comprehend what they read. However, digital signage is just not enough for advertising. A company has to learn digital marketing to skyrocket their traffic. But if you are a new startup and don’t have enough money to spend on digital marketing and you can only afford to advertise on digital signage then these tips will assist you to design digital signage that is engaging:

1. Make a goal

This factor depends a lot on what your business is about. For instance, if you are promoting a sale then focus on one keyword more since, stuffing a lot of information will distract the user from the main concept.

2. Understand your audience

Targeted audience is the key factor for a successful advertisement. For example, if you are promoting a sale for women’s clothes then obviously you will target a female audience. For doing that you may use words like fluttery, pinky, discount, etc. Different groups of people require different strategies.

3. Eight is the content weight

Well, that was an awful rhyme but for your kind information, an average person’s attention limit is eight seconds. Therefore, you need to grab the attention of a person within eight seconds. You have to avoid useless images and text and need to focus on easy to understand text and visuals. Information like mobile number or dates should be written first.

4. Care about the color

Using wrong shades can adversely affect your ads. For instance, teenagers may like vibrant colors in a shop but on the other hand, businessmen will not like such colors on an airport. A holiday package may visualize several colors but a property dealing ad won't.

5. Pay attention to the contrast

The contrast factor decides if your ad is readable or not. There should be a balance between the foreground and the background so that the text is readable. If you right white colored text on a black background then nothing can be a better combination. But avoid utilizing colored text on a dark-colored background. It will make the signage look dull and hard to read.

6. Make better fonts choices

Digital signage is made for visualized ads so it’s always better to use images instead of text if applicable. If your ad posting requires some textual information then do not get confused with such a large variety of fonts. Do not try different sizes and do not experiment with colors. The fonts you choose should be readable from a long distance and viewers should understand it at first glance. Serif fonts are highly suggested for digital signage since they are very easy to read from a distance.

Humans love motion and that’s why our eyes tend to find motion in everything. Have you ever experienced that while sitting in a train another train is in motion but it seems that our train is also moving in the opposite direction? This is called motion factor. Make sure to use animations in your ads and include video clips as well. But as we know excess of anything is harmful therefore do not let this animation make your main message harder to read. You can also create a blind spot while delivering the main message but that will be way too deceptive. 

Make note that the viewers need some time to read the text, therefore, give them that time. Do not add a lot of movements in the ad. A watermark is a great choice to promote a company while delivering an animated ad. Keep your logo throughout the video still. Animate something that has a face. It will be better.

7. Engage the viewers

Do you know what the best digital signage ads are? They are the call to action type of ads. In these ads, the advertiser asks the audience to engage in an activity like “call this number to get a gift voucher now”. These types of ads engage the users and tell them what to do after they have seen the ad or what you want them to do.

8. Make it humorous

The most popular content on the internet nowadays is vines, memes, and short time senses of humor. Even the biggest brands now use memes for advertising and it works really well. Make sure you use entertaining and humorous content in your ad. This will attract more viewers and also you will get a word of mouth advertisement. People will naturally start sharing it if it is funny. Therefore your main aim should be to make the advertisement as much entertaining as you can.

According to a survey, nearly seventy percent of people admitted that they purchase new products because of digital signage displays. Forty-four percent of people said that they by a similar product of what they already had just because it was looking more promising on a digital signage. This research was conducted by Nielsen media. Digital advertising methods are a great way to get sales for your new product or too aware audience about something you are providing. But for this to happen, you need to make sure it is delivered correctly. Otherwise, it can be a big flop. The next time you run an ad campaign you must make sure that it is catchy and entertaining.


Digital signage is a great way to advertise your brand or aware audience about something. If used in the right way, it can drive a lot of audiences. We hope the tips described in this post will be useful for you.