If you’re reading this, you probably need help driving traffic to your online site. With an e-commerce site, you are competing for a market share with all other companies in your niche. To make a mark, you need to be intentional about every aspect of your store, starting from the setup to the keywords you use.

I know you’ve come across several posts that speak complicated terms about the beauty and complexity of having the right keywords on your site. It might sound like Greek, but the good thing is that you don’t have to do everything on your own. 

Of Course everything done manually takes some extra muscles. That's why if you think you don't have the time, instead of having sleepless nights worrying about the performance of your site, it's better to hire a SEO Auckland expert to handle the site for you.

But if you are ready to pull this off, let’s move on. Here are the things you can do to give your visibility a boost.

1.    Make your site mobile friendly 

Having a responsive website that works perfectly on the phone is a necessity. The loading speed determines whether you make a sale or not. It’s frustrating staring at your phone as you wait for a page to load.

Make navigation easy for your customer by getting rid of distracting pop-up ads. You can categorize your products to help buyers track down items faster. 

2.    Provide video tutorials

Most items you buy online come together with a manual as part of the package. In most cases, a dull paper or book that ends up in the trash. 

Apart from providing standard product guides, why don’t you create an instructional video instead?

You can make an interactive video where you show your customers what to expect from a package and how to use the item. To make sure you seal all loopholes, go ahead and include a section where you provide answers to common problems your users might come across. 

3.    Pay for ads

With an online store, your goal is to reach the right customer. It might be hard to do that on your own, but luckily, you can run an online campaign to help market your products. 

With the help of a SEO Company in Melbourne, you can have great promotional content that is shareable among social media platforms. Facebook is a great platform where you can reach your target market with a customized advertisement.  

Don’t get excited and spend all your money on one ad. Try different strategies as you change specific metrics in each ad. Once you get the results, you can evaluate the revenue from each plan and see what works best. 

4.    Include legit reviews

You can pay for ads, but don’t pay someone to write a fake review. Have a feedback form where customers can leave their honest reviews. 

One problem most e-commerce sites face is cart abandonment. Apart from having a secure platform, the other best way you can solve that problem is by including buyer’s testimonials on your site. It helps provide proof of the quality of your product and convinces a potential buyer to make a purchase. 

5.    Be honest

Having high quality product photos is not enough to convince a consumer to spend money on your site. Pair all your photos with precise details. Don’t push hard for a sale by making up weird terminologies or fake claims.

Refrain from saying your product provides a remedy for back pain, when you know have no proof to support your claims. Be frank with your customers. You don’t have to lie to be persuasive.

Parting shot

The tips outlined above are great at driving traffic to your site. With ads, it takes a bit of experimenting to get it right. If your site takes approximately more than 3 seconds to load, it’s time you switch up some things. 

Otherwise, everything else is doable, and I believe you’ll hack it.