Convincing digital signage has the power to reach more consumers than online marketing. But, installing only a digital sign will not do wonders for your business. Instead, you need compelling content, relevant information, and a medium to convey information to the clients. While there are many traditional ways, digital signage is one of them. 

What is digital signage?

Digital signage is a specialized form of marketing strategy which displays video or multimedia content for promotion of business.

Do you want to know how you can advertise your services with digital signage?

Here are important tips for creating compelling digital signage that will help you advertise services in a better way.

Acknowledge Your Audience

The audience will look at your digital signage only if they feel connected with your services and product. So, craft digital signage in such a way that convinces target viewers. 

For instance, if you’re using digital signage for directions in a shopping mall, create engaging and easy to read content to help people understand directions easily. 

Keep the content Simple and Clear

When creating a digital signage, try to use black-and-white text for easy to read content and insert color images in the headlines. If the background is dark, keep the text light and vice-versa. Moreover, keep the text font in lowercase as all uppercase text will be more challenging to read for viewers.

Simple and clear text with proper formatting and easy to read font will enhance the readability of the signage. However, a complex content with irrelevant font and background will be difficult to understand. 

Incorporate Brand Name Whenever Possible

If your content draws audience attention, then why not make use of it for branding?

Digital signage is another means of marketing. Along with effective content, put your brand name in it, wherever possible. Use either your business’ logo or any other design elements to promote your company. This will help you generate more leads and will take your business to new heights.

Keep Motion Speed to Minimum

Use motion in digital signage carefully. Too fast text can convey a wrong message to viewers as they will get distracted from the content that you actually want to convey. So, maintain optimum speed and keep the logo and text-box static. 

Use Matrix To Evaluate Things

Keep an eye on analytics to know how many people are watching your signage. How?

Things like proximity sensors and cameras can tell exactly how many people are actually interested in viewing your digital signage. This will help you stay updated with proper analytics for better results and you will know how to target more audience toward your business.

Don’t Mess Content

Never overcrowd digital signage with irrelevant things. Instead, use partitions and sections to divide the signage into different zones. With this, people will clearly understand what you want to convey on the screen. 

Optimal Usage of Sound and Effects

If you want to add sound or any effect in the signage, keep it clear and low. Screens with videos, news feed, YouTube, and other video content look great when presented with sound. 

This way, people will get attracted towards your message and might get interested in your services. But, make sure that the sound is clear and is suitable for the environment.


Advanced digital signage solutions offer many benefits to the business. It saves time, costs plus minimizes the need of manually instructing things. But, use the above mention tips to create impressive and compelling digital signage for your business.