Benefits of CMMS? You arrive at your office in the morning. For now everything is fine, when suddenly a number of failures are triggered simultaneously in the equipment park that is your responsibility. You mobilize your troops, reassign your technician's tasks in a disaster, leave ongoing precautions or come to deal with emergencies. Customers, managers, residents or users keep calling, not satisfied and worried ... This is far from the ideal situation and this is very stressful for all.

In order for this situation not to occur again you must get out of reactive maintenance and concentrate on respect, realization, and follow-up from the maintenance range for hundreds or thousands of installations that are your responsibility. To succeed in this great transition, the application of CMMS tools is very important to facilitate the mass processing of information that will be taken into account.

Improve the performance of your field team

Your technicians spend a lot of time taking and filling out their paper intervention vouchers, writing their reports, getting equipment maintenance records, accessing work instructions, plans, etc. Information dissemination is the main obstacle to smooth operation. The next generation CMMS solution saves all this digital information in a centralized database in a special cloud and makes it available to every actor who needs it, either on his desk at his computer or on a computer.

Appreciate standards and regulations

The market and maintenance regulations are increasingly demanding and strict in terms of compliance with standards, implementation and monitoring of regulatory controls, security and stakeholder empowerment. Thus it becomes very complicated and very expensive to meet these new requirements using paper tools or spreadsheets. CMMS, by holding technical patrimonial bases, periodic actions to be taken and mobilized human resources, are decisive references to be formed to convince companies and their leaders that all procedures are met and complied with in accordance with the latest applicable regulations.

Notices about the date of inspection, audits and maintenance visits guarantee that operations are carried out by people with authorization, definitions and good distribution of schedules. Automatic production and distribution is handled directly by CMMS, which is the nerve center for compliance with your company's standards and security.

Empower technical stakeholders

Accountability and autonomy are two keys to motivating the land maintenance team to the maximum of their potential. CMMS will achieve this goal with the help of the main lever: extensive information sharing and processes. With the amount of information available to technicians (electronic maintenance booklets, plans, diagrams, photos, trees, sections, appropriate list of actions, etc.), they can work better.

The CMMS customer portal serves as a database shared with your customers: site by site, you have access to all the information needed for technician intervention (contact form, current contract for the site, range of treatments ...) and history of interventions performed. Risk of misunderstanding with customers decreases, and exchange gets fluidity: no need to contact your customers to access lost information. The establishment of a CMMS customer portal opens your traditional communication channel (email, telephone ...) with customers.

Customers also get productivity: they lose less time responding to your requests for information. On the operational side, he captures requests for intervention intuitively in a few clicks. From the CMMS customer portal, it has access to a dynamic view of evolution interventions: it visualizes in the blink of an eye the ongoing intervention, carried out and comes in the park.