In this digital world, visual element play a crucial role, so it is very convenient to know the different image editing and photo enhancer software. In this article, we have compiled some best and easy to use photo enhancer software, which you can use in your smartphones too. You can also enhance its features by hosting it with Photoshop or other photo enhancer software plugins. 

1. Microsoft Paint:
Microsoft Paint is used to edit images naturally and simply, being for many the one chosen as the first contact when modifying an image. It will not allow us to create very advanced designs to be tremendously simple, but this is precisely one of its virtues: fast, simple and direct. Those of you who have Windows 8 or higher may be interested in downloading Fresh Paint, a new version of the classic Paint with some more advanced features. 

2. Skylumluminar: 
SkylumLuminar is one of the world’s leading developers of consumer and professional photography software. It offers over 60 powerful one-click presets to enhance your images quickly. Luminar is truly a state-of-the-art tool for any photographer seeking to improve their photos such as Default, Black & White, Landscape, Portrait, or Street photography as well as the option to create your own custom workspaces.

3. Paint.NET:
Completely free and with a trajectory that began in 2004, Paint.NET is an evolution of Microsoft's original Paint, although its development is entirely foreign to the Redmond Company. It is very versatile to offer layers, transparencies and also plugins to extend its functionality to infinity; can be downloaded for free on the project website, is available only for Windows systems.

4. GIMP:
If what you want is one of the free programs to edit more advanced images, then GIMP may be your choice. It is a well-known program for its features and the best option for users who are looking for developed software with many professional features. More than twenty years of experience endorse it as a choice that is not easy to use, but on which there is a lot of documentation to learn how to use it, and that is not only free -you can download it at and use it on multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Linux, others). 

5. Pixlr:
It is one of those free programs to edit images that you should always have on hand, which is free and which, for those who prefer it, also has installable applications (Windows, Mac) that can be downloaded from the official website. This photo editor software is loaded with multiple professional features that are easy to use for both beginners and professionals. 

6. PicMonkey:
Online editor with which you can make changes to your images thanks the features and filters that it incorporates. Allows you to crop the photograph, resize it, rotate it, change the color (and its intensity), and even add text and additional drawings. At the end of the design, they can be adapted to share on social networks like Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest

7. Fotor:
Fotor is an image editing platform widely used by other services (such as Facebook) and mobile devices, through its specific apps for different platforms. It allows you to edit images and make simple modifications to photographs, although its high strength is the ability to apply filters or create collages in a small and direct way.

8. Canva:
Both in its web version and in the app, it allows you to retouch any photograph with its design tools and its 10 predefined (and adjustable) filters. It includes a bank of images and free icons (which can be expanded upon payment), as well as a battery of templates with which to adapt the model depending on the use that you want to give it. It can be used on iOS devices.