Boys and their toys - men’s hobby shops and tech gear are all the things a man needs to keep himself entertained for hours. The funny thing is, when we buy or even take out a loan for an item and don’t really know what it is, give us a day or two and soon you will find we cannot live without it, or maybe for about 6 months that is. 

Now looking into the evolution of technology and how it’s allowed for some of the most awesome creations, we look at items we do really need, want or want to use. Here are some of the most awesome tech gear inventions and must haves in 2019. 

Stuffed Burger Press 
Ideal for the barbeque master or the single man, the Stuffed Burger Press allows you to create your own homemade burger patties in the perfect form 100% of the time, no kidding. Chuck these bad boys onto the grill or flame them up in a fryer, the choice is yours and you’ll have loads of time to pay with as this cool little guy works in under a few seconds. 

Suuto Core 
Suuto Core - the sleek and James Bond style hiking watch is a must have. This great looking timepiece comes with loads of features such as storm predictions which help hikers stay ahead of bad weather, the temperature outside, compass, barometer and how many feet above sea level you are. 

Bose Quiet Comfort 35
The noise cancellation technology used on this Bluetooth travel gear allows listeners to enjoy their favourite audio tracks without any background disturbance. This is a really ideal gadget for those with a busy household, work environment or for those who go to gym on a regular basis. The look and design of the Bose Quiet Comfort is comfortable and it lasts for hours of long wear. 

Pleson Wireless Charger
The Cable Guy can stay in the television, thanks to modern tech us guys don’t need to concern ourselves with being too rough on phone cables. Thanks to the Pleson Wireless Charger, we are able to charge our Samsung Galaxy S7s and other cool devices without having to worry about damaging expensive chords. The charger makes for an ideal gift for a buddy in need and the wife might also find this invention as useful as you will. Well, maybe. 

Aqua Audio Cube 
With the Aqua Audio Cube, you can take your music to the shower or impress a few guests by the pool. This nifty little device is shock resistant and waterproof. Apart from this, it’s got a sleek look to it that sets it apart from any other Bluetooth speakers. 

With these cool tech gadgets, you can mark off the best buys in 2019. Before you know it, a new list will arise and you'll be seeking out the next best piece of tech in 2020. But before then, have a look at getting some of these great gadgets.