Before selling your iPhone ,looking to delete your contacts and other data in your iPhone? Well, there are various way to erase iPhone contacts,perhaps many people are used to using the common method to do for it ---   

Select the specified contacts in the iPhone and delete it directly by clicking the “delete” button,it does work well , but the only flaw is that the contacts have not been completely deleted with this way,and one more thing, do you know that the contacts you delete in your iPhone are not permanently deleted and in case you choose to exchange it for a newer model, if someone wants to recover all the deleted contacts, it can be easily done. Yes, these deleted contacts will be stored in the memory but remains hidden from your view. 
So if you want to delete contacts permanently,well,in this article we’ll be looking at a method of removing contacts from iPhone permanently,such as SafeWiper,as a powerful data erase tool of iPhone , once the contacts was deleted by SafeWiper ,it can not be retrieved back again on your iPhone. After this ,you can sell the iPhone without worry .

Why Do You Need SafeWiper To do That ?
SafeWiper tool is not only limited for only deleting contacts from your iPhone. It can also be used to delete all kinds of data including your videos, messages, photos, keyboard cache etc. If you are looking to sell your iPhone, then use this tool to complete erase every data from your iPhone and never worry anymore about your to be recovered using any kind of 3rd party tool.

Permanently erase iPhone contacts, videos, messages, picture and all other data from your iPhone
Easy to use interface 
Impossible to recover data deleted through iPhone Data Eraser tool
With just a single click erase all data permanently
Protect your data from getting into the wrong hands
Ability to choose only the data you want to delete

The Steps Of Using SafeWiper Tool
So you’re looking to delete your contact permanently, then SafeWiper is the best in the market. Even though there are a lot of 3rd party tools available in the market, this one is a tried and tested tool and used by many to erase iPhone Contacts. These contacts cannot be recovered at all even using any kind of 3rd party software as these contacts are removed and not stored in your iPhone anywhere. Just follow these simple steps to erase your contacts permanently from your iPhone.

2. Install and launch it on computer
3. Connect your iPhone to your computer

4. The tool automatically recognizes your iPhone and lists all the contacts in your iPhone
5. Choose “Erase Private Data”
6. Choose the contacts you want to delete permanently and tap the “Erase now” button

7. Not only contacts, you can even your videos, pictures, messages, call history, cache data, keyboard cache and more

If you are looking to sell or exchange your iPhone, then better use SafeWiper tool to erase iPhone contacts permanently.visit its website ,Visiting its website and you'll find that the powerful tool also supports Android data erase .