No sport comes close to football in popularity. Almost every country in the world has a soccer league. Some have an avalanche of leagues while others like Canada share the same league with neighboring countries. If you are a big football fan who can’t miss your favorite teams play, you probably have several apps that help you stay up to date with games.

Here is a review of Skores, one of the most popular football app for both Android and iOS device users.

User Interface and Size
The app takes a simple, blue and grey color design. It is beautiful, inviting and easy to use. Designed for analyzing games and predicting matches, Skores is packed with an umpteenth of games every day. Teams are analyzed based on their country location, with each nation arranged alphabetically.

At the top of the app’s interface is a calendar consisting of dates and days of the week. Click any date and you get a list of all nations with teams scheduled to play. As it is common with most football apps, European nations known for their love for the game are listed at the top. Under each country is a list of teams and time of play. 

Game Variety
The average scores’ apps support teams from selected European leagues. Skores lists all major countries around the world. If there are teams in any of the country, be certain you will get scores updated. The app also asks you to opt out of certain alerts. If you don’t need to know who gets red cards, Skores will keep you posted about the goals alone. 

On average, the app supports about 100 matches from European teams every weekend. For football fans and bettors, you don’t need a second app for checking goals. Whether you need to follow the Champions League or the premier league, the app is everything you need,

American Football (Gridiron) fans are also sorted with match updates, scores and news. Follow Thursday night football or Monday's prime-time game from the start to end with a single app. Watch short videos of players completing incredible passes and touchdowns. 

Easy to Navigate
Skores' app looks beautiful and finding teams is a breeze. But so are many apps. To make it easier to customize and find everything needed, the app's menu is simple. The homepage shows a list of nations with teams playing as had earlier mentioned. The settings area introduces you to the app’s hidden capabilities.
Want to favorite a team? Click ‘favorites’ under the settings label. A message will appear notifying you that you don’t have a favorite team. You are then prompted to go to the match list and pick a competition of your choice. Under each match competition is the favorite icon. Skores will henceforth notify you about news, lineups and goals scored.

If you want to customize the app, there is a settings label under the main menu. Open Night mode if you are a fan of the dark theme. Change language to French, Spanish or several other major European languages. Set your ideal time zone so that each game is displayed at that particular time. While many apps can be a nightmare to navigate from one feature to the other, Skores is easy to scroll and find every feature.

More Sports
Skores may be popular among European football fans, but it takes care of hockey and tennis fans as well. Baseball, volleyball, rugby and tennis fans can also get match updates about their teams on the app. Love basketball? Check which teams your favorite franchise is scheduled to play. Get score updates, tips and all other treatments football fans get.

For general sports bettors, Skores is the ideal prediction and scores app. The pre-match commentaries are based on in-depth research. Details such as the team's recent performances, injuries, and players' motivations are all discussed. So, not only does the app help you predict games, but it also backs up its decision with facts. 

The app is freely available on both Android and iOS play stores. You don't pay anything for life unless you dislike the unobtrusive ads displayed at the top of the page. Usually, ads on free apps tend to be annoying and can make your experience using the app painful. Skores is different. 
The ads used on the app are small banners. Occasionally, popup ads may appear, but never when checking games or stats. If you really dislike the ads, the cost to remove them is $4, much less than competing apps charge.

User Reviews
Testimonials are important. They help you find out what other users think about an app before you download it. On Google Play Store, Skores average a user rating of 4.5 out of 5, only .5 stars to get a perfect rating. The app’s reviews on iTunes are positive and the rating averages 4.5 as well.

Many users on play stores appreciate Skores for its friendly interface and efficient performance 24/7. Where many apps lag and hog your phone’s RAM, the football app runs smoothly with no lagging irrespective of your iPhone’s RAM size. If you need assistance, the company’s customer support team is quick to help. 
Skores is used by more than 5 million users around the world, and most of them agree the app is worth using. 

Additional Features
If you dislike the alphabetical list of games on the home page, you can change it to list games based on popularity. You can share the app on social media or change the sound of the app's alert system. Set alerts to produce a vibration sound or appear with no sound at all.

To Conclude
With a fan base of 5 million users, Skores is one of the most popular football scores apps. Its simple design with an elegant display of all major countries and teams offers the widest variety of games. The app is highly customizable. Set your favorite teams, the types of alerts you need or even the overall appearance of the app. 

With Skores’ timely updates and game variety, you don’t need any other football app.