There are many components that influence the success of a website, and site structure is among the most important ones. However, correctly structuring your website is not easy, and you will likely need some help to get it right. Find out everything about proper website structure right now! 

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Why structure matters

Website structure has two primary goals:

- to improve user experience 
- to enhance the search engine optimization on your website.

When the structure of your website makes it easy to navigate through pages and easily find what users are looking for, the visitors are more than likely to spend more time on your website and even recommend it to others.

Site structure and hierarchy also make it easier for search engines, primarily Google, to locate important pages on your website and refer them to users. Broken links and missing pages won’t bring you new visitors from search engines.

5 steps to better site structure

Are you determined to introduce a better site structure to your website or build a perfectly structured website from scratch? Here are 5 steps to improving your website structure:

1. First of all, design the site hierarchy. Create a logical system of categories and subcategories, trying to keep the number of subcategories even to give your website a neater look.

2. Link your hierarchy to the URL structure. The URL structure of the website should match the hierarchy, and the name of each URL should reflect the content of the page, which means it’s best to use words instead of numbers and symbols.

3. To improve the crawlability of your newly structured website, code in HTML or CSS. They are perfectly easy to use and are not as complicated for search engine crawlers as JavaScript or Flash.

4. Make your structure shallow rather than deep. The fewer clicks it takes for a user to reach the farthest page in the hierarchy, the better for user experience and site crawlability.

5. List your navigation in the header. To improve the visibility of your site structure, place the navigation where users can see it - right on top of the page.

How to create a structure for your website

If you already understand the importance of a correct site structure but still aren’t sure if you can do it on your own, there is some fantastic news for you - you can get your website structure created for you for free!

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