Even though anyone can invest in mutual funds, few can make their decisions wisely. With the excess of options in the market choosing what you wish to invest in can be a daunting task. Asset Management Companies or AMCs offer a wide variety of choices in risk-return, investment horizon, exposure, asset class, and tax treatment. No matter if you are a noob or a pro in investment, these following tips will ensure that you invest your hard-earned cash in the best possible way.

Have Clear Goals and Invest Accordingly

The scheme related documents have to be read carefully so that you stay in the loop and are not misled by any information which may later cause a loss to your investment. Ensure that the scheme you have chosen compliments your long-term goals and is likely to offer you the best possible returns. 

You may find that equity-based funds or a plan of at least 5 years of term are better suited. IIFL has a thorough research base on the past projections, achievements and progress of a large variety of mutual funds. This comprehensive compilation allows you to choose a scheme that best compliments your need. 

Be Disciplined

It is advisable to make an investment plan and follow it accordingly. As a long-term plan it has been seen that smaller, regular investments provide a greater return. The Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) allows you to invest as low as Rs. 500 per month. Enjoy the benefit of Rupee-Cost Averaging and as your investment vestibule rises up you can increase your investment too. 

Mutual Funds by IIFL allow you to start a SIP as soon as you login without the hassle of paperwork. Easily save and watch your wealth increase double-fold.


Mutual Funds do not limit your opportunities to simple investments only. There are various kinds of funds such as diversified equity (large-cap, mid-cap, small-cap), sectoral funds, commodity-related funds, global fund of funds, index funds etc. and the entire spectrum of debt-based funds. There are ample fish in the sea, as the say, for you to choose from. 

Therefore, you need to carefully analyze which scheme matches your interest and long-term goals and then you can invest. IIFL provides you expert advice form experienced, stalwarts in the industry to ensure wise investment of your share.

Regular Monitoring

A very crucial aspect that is often overlooked by investors after they have made their investments is that they do not bother to check up on it, which can prove to be a reckless and fatal mistake. One should always monitor the mutual funds vis-à-vis the objectives of the investment. 

Periodic monitoring and corrective steps ensure that you stay on track and on top of things. The Mutual Funds App by IIFL takes the burden of this responsibility from your shoulders as it keeps a track of all your investments and keeps you updated, not only about your funds but also the latest news and happenings in the market.  

Stay True to Your Risk Appetite

It is true that mutual fund schemes also carry varying amounts of risks based on the objectives of the investment, impending securities, and methodology of investments. Equity funds may carry the highest risks while liquid funds carry the least. It is up to you to choose a scheme that stays within the boundaries of your risk appetites. IIFL with its detailed reports and meticulously organized risk assessments advises its users on the risks associated with any given mutual fund.

The Bottom Line

It is the mark of a wise man to invest well. Mutual Funds by IIFL is an app that not only helps you invest wisely but takes care of your investment too. Download the app or visit their webpage to start your trading career now! 

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