There are tools that will help perch your ranking higher, others will help suggest keywords, while others will tell you what your completion is doing. But the tools that have worked for others in your niche are the best for starters. Here are some of the proven tools to improve your blog’s SEO.

There is a possibility that you marketing skills will let you implement SEO on our own. However, there are tools you need to bring on board. There are tools that are primed specifically for White label reports and others to help bloggers, newbies or seasoned ones. You only need to know which works for you.

Keyword Tool

Keyword Tool is the perfect tool that kick-starts your search for keyword mining. It relies on Google Autocomplete data to establish a long tail keyword database. You can get the first 750 keyword suggestions for free. With the premium version, you will enjoy additional features including search volume data, cost per click and competitor’s data. You can use this tool to discover long tail keywords for platforms including App Store, YouTube and Amazon.

Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Keyword Explorer Moz gives keyword research a new meaning. You can research keyword difficulty and volume. The tool offers opportunities and lets you discover the click through rates on a SERP outcome. You get to know the impact of a keyword to your campaign, and you benefit from keyword metrics that help you set your campaign in the right direction.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is one of the peculiar SEO keyword tools that come free. This tool can be used like the quintessential keyword research tool, but it lets you find the exact phrases that users are searching for. It helps capture more than type search queries and it captures voice search queries done through mobile devices. Answer the Public will assist you in locating popular phrase, and you can use the reports to optimize content and drive more traffic.


This is one of the unique tools in the keyword research front. It helps crawl sites in an attempt to weigh and a rank your preferred phrases and terms. This tool will identify popular keyword titles from fresh content that uses keyword synonymous to yours. It’s the best tool, if you are hunting for new keyword ideas for your site. It works well for long tail keywords and content ideas.

Seo Analysis and Reporting Tools


The WooRank tool comes as free tool that gives you instant site review. You can only generate a few reports with its free version but the premium one offers you a 7 day free trial period and unlimited website reviews.

SEO Site Checkup

SEO Site Checkup is a free to use SEO analyser that examines your site and any competitor site in mind using 45 checks under 6 main categories. This tool will check and generate reports that indicate the numeric score and a tally of failed checks. You can rely on it to identify SEO issues including keyword usage in HTML areas, compliance and SEO friendly links. It’s ideal in reporting speed optimization, server and security and it can gauge mobile usability.

Site Analyzer

This is a free SEO analyser. It presents over 70 data points in 5 categories. After analysing your site, it presents an overview with stats on global site score, accessibility, design site data, upload/download time and mobile compatibility. Use this tool to check how your site capitalizes on HTML elements including metatags, scripts and page segmentation.

Link Assistant Review

Link-Assistant is fully fledged SEO software that paves way for improved search ranking to drive more traffic. You can use this tool perfectly to avoid costs of hiring an agency or SEO experts. Link assistant will teach you on various SEO aspects including work flow analysis, videos and a collection of SEO focused literature.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is one of the reputable SEO reporting software that lets you work with custom like data and reports. The advanced reporting plugin is inexpensive and easy to use for automate or manual scheduling. You can use the tool on any domain, and you can generate reviews through a personalized interface. With 100% accuracy for keyword position tracking, SE Ranking will show the real-time position of your keywords on major search engines across the globe.