Schools systems are responsible for countless young lives, and during hurricane season, the need for a comprehensive and effective safety program is great. As most professionals know, preparation is important, and being caught off guard during hurricane season can be deadly. If you are currently employed by the school system, here are some simple ways to improve school safety during the hurricane season. 

1. Communicate With Parents

Communicating with parents is important during the storm season, and more than likely, parents are interested in knowing about your safety plans. Since most school systems have thousands of students and parents, placing safety information and plans on the internet may be the best approach. 

2. Act Urgently

Ideally, no one wants their child trapped at school during a hurricane. Instead of waiting until the last minute, be sure to cancel or release classes early enough for parents and students to make their own safety plans or evacuate. 

3. Practice Storm Safety Drills

If a hurricane is threatening the area, you will certainly want to inform the kids. This may sound like common sense, but many school systems neglect to discuss storm safety practices with students. Holding drills can be immensely helpful, and it is the best way to ensure students know where to go and how to remain safe during a hurricane. 

4. Hold Staff Meetings

Holding regular school safety meetings is a necessary part of preparing for a storm. Teachers, school administrators, and other employees should understand the school system’s plan for dealing with a natural disaster. 

5. Utilize a Weather Tracking System

Using a weather monitoring system can be a great idea during hurricane season. It can provide school administrators with real-time storm updates, and administrators will even have the option to create their own school weather station that reflects the weather conditions in the local area. 

Preparing for hurricane season doesn’t have to be scary or stressful. By utilizing a dependable weather tracking system, you can keep students, teachers, and administrators safe.