Every year, brands are looking for a new strategy on how to level up their email marketing campaign simply because it leads to constant retaining of customers as well as important conversions. However, in the marketing cliché retaining old customers is far harder compared to acquiring new ones. Nonetheless, it would be possible to acquire more and more permanent customers if a marketer has a successful email marketing campaign. 

The majority of companies prefer to use email as their medium for communication. So to all marketers out there sit back and relax, and check out these email marketing predictions for 2018:

1. Emails will turn out to be Interactive 
This year, every marketer should look for an opportunity on how to make their emails more interactive or kinetic (here is the example of the interactive email). In fact, such emails can be a great help for every email marketing campaign. Why? A particular user can quickly place his order immediately while marketers can collect better data. It is helpful in shortening the purchase pipeline and other transactions that are related to your brand. It is entertaining, immersive and personal. It engages the user to participate.

If your emails are really interactive as well as engaging, your receivers will be looking forward to receiving more and more emails from your brand. Rivalry for the customer’s time by means of email is severe and conversions used for emails that are not interactive will be extremely low. Marketers would be able to see again the old saying “content is king”. 

Note, that not all email clients support interactive emails yet, that’s why you have to think about the backup version of your email template.

You will ask, how to technically create an interactive email? The ultimate guide to CSS in email can help you.

2. Analytical Marketing Metrics Will Come to be Highly Appreciated by Marketers 
In reality, understanding the accomplishment of a particular campaign before sending it out can be a righteous grail for every marketer. However, it is more important the assessing the success of earlier campaigns, then trying and adjusting plans for the success of the next strategy. 

With the use of analytical marketing metrics, mainly the CLV or customer lifetime value, every marketer knows and measures the success of their plan before it has been undertaken. 

In addition, customer lifetime value will become a useful marketing metric. Due to Custora studies, 80 % of your profit comes from 20 % of your customers. Which means, that some of the clients are actually making your business prosperity and are more valuable than others.

Take a closer look at Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a machine learning. The CLV will be an improved version of the former systems. The CLV will become more analytical rather than historic and it will measure insights like what client qualities assist in making the greatest lifetime value and what acquisition financial plan gets the highest ROI.   

3. Personalization will be the Next King
In recent years, the majority of marketers already hopped on the bandwagon of personalization. And for good reasons, if marketers will do it right, especially this year, their email marketing campaign will become more successful. However, in some cases, databases are not suitable for personalization due to cloud spam filtering. Personalized email messages that contain wrong information can be a great problem and it will definitely affect email marketing campaigns. 

On the other hand, 51 percent of the marketers contemplate that email list separation can be one of the most operational personalization tactics for an effective email marketing. 

4. For Small Scale Businesses, automation will become easier
This year, automation is handier than ever because marketers can now use multiple channel platforms such as email, Google remarketing advertisements, and Facebook advertisements. B2B marketers, who use automation, increase their sales on average by 10% according to Forrester report. So if you want to make your business visible to millions of people, make sure to automate your digital and email marketing. 

Bottom Line:
Change is the only thing that is persistent in life. For more than four decades email still generates greater results according to marketing statistics. This year would not be different, whether you stay on the current trends or adapt your own approach accordingly.