greytHR’s attendance tracker is the one of the most efficient attendance tracker  in India. It keeps track of employee’s attendance, leaves, overtime and more from a single, integrated platform. Let’s look into the features of greytHR’s attendance tracker, which makes it one of most efficient one in the market today.


greytHR’s attendance module is integrated with almost all attendance hardware that is available in the market today. One of the most important advantages of greytHR’s attendance software is that by means of automation, attendance punch data reaches the attendance software at predefined time intervals without any manual work. It greatly helps the HR admin in eliminating Excel export from hardware, which is done manually and the consequent import into attendance software.

greytHR ontime attendance software module has the facility to specify various shifts, check the in-time of the employee, calculate information such as Late In, Early Out, Excess hours, etc. HR/Manager can view whether their team members have reached office on time and also whether they are inside office or outside. This information will help HR to keep track of the employees. Various complex policies can be configured in the application. Once configured, all relevant calculations happen automatically without any manual intervention.

Through greytHR’s employee portal, a manager can update any shift changes for his/her employees from his/her desk. Data changes immediately and thereby avoids errors that might creep when attendance is processed. This greatly reduces the work of an HR as he/she need not run around to collect and update the information. If properly updated, then all relevant calculations will have accurate data.

Another substantial feature of greytHR’s attendance tracker is that by using the employee portal, an employee can apply for attendance regularization online. His/her manager can review this and once reviewed, attendance will automatically be re-computed. This is a huge time saver and more importantly, also solves the employee’s dissatisfaction of  incorrect attendance calculation. Looking from the HR perspective, all these procedures happen without you doing any work at all. You only need to do a one-time policy configuration.

Another important feature is that through greytHR’s  attendance module, employees and managers get notified about their attendance statuses. Employees are notified (via email) when they are absent, so that they can take necessary actions as in apply for leave or regularization. Thus, it reduces the work of an HR in following up with the employees and their managers. Secondly, employees’ access to the employee portal enables them to look at their data on a regular basis. If there is any issue, they can quickly apply for regularization and get it approved. This will ensure that all issues are sorted out before the payroll is processed.

Most of the relevant attendance reports that are needed for statutory requirements are generated from greytHR. HR manager need not do any manual work to generate these reports. There are many predefined MIS reports that are generated by greytHR, which helps the management in taking quick decisions.

There is an automated attendance input that generates form the attendance tracker  for payroll processing. Thus, it eliminates the manual work done by an HR and also greatly helps in eliminating the errors that might creep in.