The customer is always right in business, and we’re sure you have already learned that by now. However, sometimes this is unfair because they expect things that you can not possibly guarantee. But you must still try to live up to their expectations. Otherwise, they will leave your company in search of a competitor that can meet their requirements. Customers are particularly unfair about deliveries. Here are some of the things that they do expect and how to achieve them.

Delivery Tracking

Not every business offers delivery tracking on their product or supply. Many people don’t realize that if deliveries can be tracked, it means the business has invested quite a lot of money in new technology. Trackers are installed in cars or cloud tech is used to tick off each area of the journey. Either way, it’s always going to be an expensive commitment.

Going Green

When it comes to packaging for your deliveries, it’s advisable that you look for the greenest solution. Customers are now looking for packaging that is recyclable and helps them feel better about saving the planet. If you can provide this, you will improve the reputation of your business.

Matching The Promised Delivery Date

These days customers also expect you to be able to always match the advertised delivery date. If you can’t do this or deliveries take too long, expect at least one complaint. It could be argued that customers are impatient. But if your customer is a business owner themselves they might be waiting on an essential product to be delivered. They could rely on your supply.

You can learn more about how to optimize your supply line in the infographic below.

Infographic Created By Optimize Supply Chain Managementt