The list of endangered species grows every year because us humans are bulldozing into their territory. And then, we're creating more and more greenhouse gases too. What can we do to save the Earth?

South Korea's answer is to build a biodome. It is their part of a broader effort to protect its native endangered species. They unveiled new designs for its National Research Center for Endangered Species that will be built in Yeongyang-gun, one of the cleanest pats of the Korean peninsula.

The idea, from Samoo Architects & Engineers (SAMOO), is to blend the three-part compound with the surrounding nature.

The biodome will have a couple of areas, and the main area is known as the Core Zone. It will contain a visitors center, offices, and quarantine zone. The main research zone includes a number of breeding farms and research facilities including several biodomes.

At a glance, you'd think these were alien structures, looking to terraform here. Or is this Apple's second headquarters? [MyModernMet]