Google Just Introduced "Sexy Google" With Beautiful Models

Like looking at sexy pictures while you do your Google search? Starting today, Google will be bringing that option to you. Your search bar will be accompanied by scantily clad beautiful women. We're not sure how that will improve the search though.

A Real Ballistic Boba Fett Armor Is Now Available

A real-life Boba Fett inspired ballistic body armor has been made! Manufacturer AR500 Armor teamed up with artist Ryan B. Flowers to design a Mandalorian themed body armor called the GalacTac Project. It's based on Boba Fett.

Here's How To Make Use of Cleavage in Portrait Photography in an Artistic Manner

Didn't know your camera could do this? Here's a neat technique and discussion that you should check out. May come in handy one day.

Apple Made a New iPhone For Drunk People

Okay, this isn't real, but what if it were? Imagine an iPhone that is perfect for drunks. This is the iPhone D. Check out the hilarious parody commercial below:

Watch The SpaceX Staff Erupt in Joy as Falcon 9 Nails Its Landing

Seriously, this is an accomplishment. And if you're an engineer, you'll understand the joy, because all those hours of you sleeping under your desk and working on something so significant like landing a rocket back on Earth, and then it works, you'd be the weird one standing out if you're not celebrating!

This is The Reason Why It's So Hard To Keep Motivated. Here's How Science Could Help

45% of people drop their new year's resolution after a month. Keeping to your goals might not be as easy as it seems, and it's very hard to keep motivated. Here's how science could help.

Now You Can 3D Print Your Own Head On Lego Minifigs

Etsy shop Funly3DFaces can customize your very own head to fit on a LEGO minifigure. Isn't that better than having the normal ones instead? Check it out below:





This Hoodie Has An In-Built Inflatable Travel Pillow

Traveling soon? Don't forget to bring something warm with you in case you get cold! And also, don't forget to bring a pillow with you so you'll be comfortable! That's the whole premise of the Hypnos Sleep Hoodie. It is hiding an inflatable pillow in the hood.

This Company Created The Greatest Man-Made Wave For Surfing

The best part about this: no sharks! And also, this is incredibly amazing. Watch this man-made wave, a dream come true for every surfer out there!

Taking "The Force Awakens" A Tad Far With These BB-8 Heels

Love Star Wars merchandise? Who doesn't? But are these BB-8 heels taking the love of the franchise a tad far? It's no wonder they're projecting $8 billion in revenue. Check it out:

What Does It Feel Like To Die in a Black Hole?

Theoretically, you can't escape. And no one knows exactly what's inside. There's no time, and you might just be stuck in there for all eternity. Check out the explanation below:

Play The Lightsaber Escape Game. Use Chrome and Your Phonesaber to Survive a Star Destroyer

This is definitely the coolest Star Wars promotion happening. After all, apples and oranges just doesn't make it interesting enough. Wield your lightsaber to escape the First Order in an immersive web experience built for your phone and computer, inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. To play, visit

This is The Science of Why We're Attracted To Boobs

They've gone by every name imaginable possible, and now the folks over at ASAP Science have made an educational video about them. From the sexiness of it to some other interesting facts about, check them out below:

Saturn's Moon Titan Has an Earth-Like Surface

NASA released a composite image, taken by the Cassini spacecraft, of Saturn’s largest moon Titan that allowed us to peer through its atmosphere. It's got an Earth-like surface and it's beautiful! Check it out below.

If Only This Guy Explained Calculus To You The Year You Had To Take It

This is so simple. It makes understanding calculus all the more easier. If only this guy showed up back in the 90s. Why wasn't he here when we needed him? Check out the video below:

Watch YouTube's Annual Rewind For 2015 to Catch Up On All The Viral Videos You Missed This Year

It's the annual YouTube Rewind once more as 2015 comes to a close. Here are some of the year's biggest viral videos and you might not have caught all of them. Check it out below:

MIT's Snake-Like Robot Can Shapeshift To Be Multi-Purpose

Made from a linear set of motors to serve as a phone, a smart watch, and many many more, this is MIT's LineFORM, an eerie snake-like robot that will shapeshift to fit your many multiple purposes.

Watch How This Intricate Papercraft Model of The Airbus Gets Built

This is just a papercraft model of an Airbus but that does not mean it's not without the details. In fact, the video shows just how much attention to detail gets put in to designing and making one. It's pretty damn impressive. Check it out:
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