Here Are 5 Useful Snapchat Tips and Tricks

Use Snapchat on a regularly basis? Then you'll love this video because it'll open up more ways for you to use the app that you already know. Check it out in the video below:

Watch This Locksmith Break Open a Masterlock Padlock With a Tiny Hammer

Bosnian Bill is the locksmith master of YouTube and he's covered all there is to know about keys, locks, and security. This time round, he demonstrates just how easy it is to break open a padlock built by one of the largest lock companies - Masterlock. All he needed was a small hammer.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Prefers The Enterprise Over The Millennium Falcon

So which spaceship will win if it were to fight head on with one another? Neil deGrasse Tyson chooses The Enterprise over the Millennium Falcon. Watch him explain why.

Tattoo Prototype Called "Tech Tat" is a Wearable Fitness Tracker

This tech is like a tattoo, and you can wear it and it is temporary and non-invasive. You can wash it off like a temporary fashion tattoo, but it also serves as a wearable fitness tracker.

This Animation Shows The Mind-Boggling Scale Of The Universe

It is really tough to get to grips on how large the universe is. Explaining it will take a lot of examples like this video here, and this one here actually does a really good job in giving you some perspective. Check it out below:

This Air Pencil App Lets You Do Light Painting Anywhere You Want

Here's an incredibly fun app to use and it's called the Air Pencil. It will let you do light painting anywhere you want. And we're just waiting for some amazing art to be born from this. Check it out below:

David Tennant Explains Einstein's General Relativity in 3 Minutes

Einstein's theory turns 100 years told, and now the former Dr. Who takes 3 minutes to explain it to all of us. Now you know. Check it out:

Techno Music Made From Mechanical Objects

Graham Dunning used a record player to make the worlds most primitive dub plate. And it's actually pretty damn impressive.

How Do Nerf Blasters Work?

You probably didn't grow up playing Nerf blasters, though you've got to admit, you would have loved to. The foam made darts, balls, and arrows are powered by just compressed air. The Engineer Guy is here to explain the science behind the Nerf Blaster.

This Video Sums Up Why We Keep Mishearing Song Lyrics

We won't stop mishearing lyrics from some songs. Linguist call this mondegreens. It is a top-down processing, or when your expectations color your perception. Check out the video for more:

This is How You Can Open a Master Lock With a Plastic Zip Tie

Don't have the key to a master lock? No sweat. Just grab some zip tie and you're good to go. Here's how you can open one with a zip tie. Check out the video below:

Here Are The 10 Lies You Were Told About Space

Movies don't help much to contribute to what little knowledge we know about space. Here are some of the ten lies we've been told about it. One of it: you won't freeze if left unprotected in the vacuum of space.

Don't Make Your Own Mobile Phone Charger As It Can Be Really Explosive

Got some engineering background? Maybe you do, but it's still no reason for you to go ahead and build your own mobile phone charger as it might actually be dangerous. Watch this guy illustrate:

See The Stunning Concept Art From NASA's 1970s Vision for Humanity in Space

NASA imagined what humanity in space would look like back in the 1970s and it looks a lot like what we see in film today. Each of these concepts are approximately the size of a Californian beach town, and are self-contained habitats with artificial gravity, artificial weather, and are imagined in three types of colony: toroidal (donut shaped), sphere, and cylinder.

Girl Invents Breakfast Feeding Machine. Mess Ensues!

Simone Giertz invented a breakfast machine made of a uArm robot that pours cereal and milk into a bowl and feeds the user with a spoon. At least, that's what it was intended to do. Check out the video below:

Kickstarter is So Successful, But It Doesn't Feel Like That

Kickstarter became a serious business back when it launched. The crowd funding site has a lot of success stories, but it somehow feels like it has a lot of scams and crappy ideas that never actually become real after that. JelloApocalypse explains everything you need to know about Kickstarter in this animation:

This Process of Building a Watercooled PC Looks Like Tech Porn

Who would have thought that watching a simple and boring video of building a watercooled PC could look like porn? Check out the video. Totally safe for work.

This is The Science of Cheating. And Why We Do It

Are we wired to cheat? Is it in our human DNA to move on from one significant other to another? According to science, humans fall into the category of monogamous mammals, but it just so happens that cheating is a fairly common human behavior too. Check out the video below:
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