Flight MH370 has not been found just yet, though according to updates, oil slicks have been spotted. We've rounded up some of the news sources you can check out for live updates, though at this point of time, everyone's news will be about the same.

CNN says no sign of wreckage just yet. The issue of two passengers that used stolen passports are also a topic now. Was there foul play?

Oil slicks spotted. Are we close to finding the plane, and hopefully some survivors?

More questions over false IDs now. Terror fears actually.

According to CNN:

Greg Feith, a former investigator with the National Transportation Safety Board, said there were multiple scenarios of what could have gone wrong, including structural problems with the wings or fuselage.

One very important thought to note is that a plane doesn't just go missing without a distress signal. If something happened, it could be something that happened extremely fast. Was there an explosion at 35k feet?

Still, we're hoping for some good news. Lets pray for flight MH370.