Are you feeling down or tired most of the time? Having some trouble gaining muscle or finding motivation to exercise? Low testosterone may be to blame. Testosterone is an important hormone with a massive impact on your physical characteristics, appearance, sex drive and overall health. As you get older, testosterone production will naturally decrease, leading to sex drive reduction, changes in appearance, possible emotional changes among other effects. 

Today, many options are available to boost testosterone production and maintain the best health of your life. Increased bone mass, lower weight gain and better muscle building are only a few of the benefits of increased testosterone. From foods and natural supplements to testosterone boosting products, here are a few ways increasing your testosterone levels can enhance your overall health, fitness levels and improve the quality of your life. 


5. Muscle building benefits
4. Improve your mood
3. Enhance your memory
2. Increase your sex drive
1. Feel better and more motivated

Muscle building benefits

Testosterone is responsible for helping your body build muscle and maintaining its bone density throughout your life. But how does boosting your testosterone levels help with muscle building? It's simple: testosterone helps increase tissue growth and interacts with DNA to cause protein synthesis. 

Protein is the building block of muscle hypertrophy, which helps you gain muscle after workouts and recovery. It helps with creating bone marrow and red blood cells, strengthening your bone density. Lower levels can lead to an increase in body fat, so keeping your testosterone levels up is vital to muscle-building success.

Improve your mood

Testosterone is a key component of cognitive and tasks requiring organization. Low levels can lead to poor focus which in turn leads to frustration. Lower testosterone levels can also cause anxiety, anger, irritability, stress and a hostile outlook. In some cases, it can even lead to depression. The right natural and supplemental testosterone boosters can assist with improving your focus, attitude and overall mood. It may not be a cure for everything (and everyone's body is different), but boosting testosterone levels can be beneficial depending on your own circumstances and discussions with your doctor. A better mood leads to more happiness and improvements to your overall life quality. Who wouldn't want that?

Enhance your memory

If you're feeling forgetful or experiencing memory issues, low testosterone levels may be to blame. In a study performed by Frontiers in Neuroscience, increased testosterone in both sexes leads to better memory functions. As we age, we may not perform as well cognitively, so having something to boost memory and cognitive performance becomes an advantage as we get older. There is still some study being done about exactly how testosterone affects memory, but all signs point to higher levels being beneficial.

Increase your sex drive

Testosterone regulates your libido, erectile function and sperm production. These vital functions of the sex drive can potentially be impacted negatively by lower levels of testosterone in your system. When the level of testosterone in the blood decreases, it can lower your interest in sex, potentially negatively impacting your relationship with your partner.  In extreme cases, low testosterone can lead to a low sperm count or infertility. Staying in shape can help, but sometimes supplementing your testosterone or doing testosterone therapy may be the best ways to increase your sex drive as you get older.

Feel better and more motivated

One of the more pressing effects of lower testosterone levels is the lack of motivation or constant tired feeling that comes with it as we get older. Everyone wants to feel better and more motivated to do workouts, perform an activity or spend time with their family. Monitoring and boosting your testosterone can make a difference depending on your age, metabolism and body. One study from 1999 suggests that the anticipation of accomplishment (as well as the act of doing something) raises the level of testosterone in your system. Conversely, thinking about and doing nothing can decrease levels. By monitoring and increasing your testosterone levels, you may be able to say goodbye to fatigue and lack of motivation for good. Just be sure to check with your physician before making any serious medical decisions.