Marketing is important no matter what type of business you have. When you get a new piece of technology you want to holler from the rooftops how amazing it is and why your patients should take advantage of it. Once you get it into your practice, it’s your job to market it to them why they should want to use it or at least let them know your practice now has it. 

How do you market a new piece of technology to your practice? Whether you received Polymer Conversions | Medical Plastics | Peek Dental & Spinal Materials, it’s important to spread the word quickly. 

How do you go about that?

Talk about it

The number one way you can start spreading the word is by informing all your staff about the new piece of equipment. This way if a customer or potential customer asks, they know exactly how it can benefit them. 

Have the receptionist talk with patients as they are checking in about the new technology in the office. They don’t need to drag on about it, however they can just say a couple sentences and ask them if they want to learn more. It’s a simple way for a lot of people to hear about it. 

This will also let people know you stay on top of new technology and are excited about what you have brought into your practice. 

Post on social media

If your business is on social media, this is the perfect time to post about it. Post pictures and get the excitement rolling. You can tell them the benefits and to call the office for more information. 

Show a case study in the office

When people are waiting for an appointment, they typically look at the walls, they might read an item that is up there, or grab a book that is sitting out for patients. Show a picture with a case study beside it about the new equipment. 

By doing this people, automatically read the case study before their appointment and may go to the front desk and want to learn more. Having an area of “what’s new in the office” helps catch the attention of readers. This is the perfect item to place on the board. 

Ask for reviews

Once you have had a couple patients try it, ask them for their reviews. You can place these reviews everywhere we’ve mentioned above. The review can be put next to the case study and made into a graphic and posted on social media. 

You can also ask anyone that has used the new equipment to post a review online on your Google or Facebook page and commenting on using the new technology. This is sure to increase the buzz around your practice.

Now you understand exactly how to market your new technology. Your patients will soon see the benefits in what you have invested in and want to check it out.