Due to the lack of experience and knowledge in the field of cooking exceptional risottos dishes, the word Risotto was at the verge of going down the list of cheap dishes until the Italian special Rice risotto dish came to its rescue. Known as pilaf in French, the Italian Risotto is actually a dish which refers to the cooking of rice before adding the flavored liquid in it followed by the undisturbed cooking of the rice mixture. The Italian rice dish is an exceptional part of homemade Italian cuisine. This dish is so special in its ingredients and so painstaking in its cooking technique that even the finest Italian restaurants fail to meet the deliciousness and texture of the homemade Italian risotto rice dish. Apart from its rich heritage, the rice dish has some basic ingredients and an exclusive cooking technique which makes it so special in the world of cooking. 

A timeless Italian rice and broth mix:

There is no doubt in the fact that Italians are known all over the globe because of their peculiar cooking techniques which have gifted us with timeless dishes in today’s food-loving world. Italian rice dish is synonymous with pasta when it comes to worldwide fame. The special Italian cuisine involves the usage of special ingredient- the Arborio rice- which is only grown in the Italian lands. Despite the several variations which risotto has suffered in a number of cooking literature, the dish has sustained its core cooking technique and a special ingredient. You start from the boiling of rice in water, followed by bit by bit addition of liquid which accompanies continuous stirring of the mix. This painstaking cooking of risotto results in the formation of tender, swollen, creamy yet firm rise mix which melts on your taste buds instantly.

Special ingredients:

The most special thing about this Italian special dish is the use of unique ingredients. The basic ingredients and cooking technique are added and followed respectively in every variant. Afterward other ingredients such as vegetables, sausages, and even shellfish can be added into the rice and broth mix. 

Italian Arborio Rice:

Uniquely grown in the fertile Italian lands, the Arborio rice carries just the right kind of color and texture properties for the cooking of a delicious Italian risotto. Arborio rice is the primary ingredient of this Italian special.


The addition of simmering broth or flavored liquid is done once the rice is boiled. 

Parmesan cheese:

Some variants show the addition of parmesan cheese as marinating ingredient to enhance the taste. 

Ladle-by-Ladle cooking technique:

● Sauté minced onions in hot butter or oil for 1-2 minutes until they obtain a translucent appearance. Do not brown the rice. 
● Add about a cup of uncooked Arborio rice in the minced onions. Stir and cook for about a minute until the rice takes on a milky appearance. 
● Add ½ cup of simmering broth or flavoring liquid ladle by ladle in the cooking rice. Stir continuously until all of the liquid is absorbed or evaporated. Add more liquid and continue stirring to obtain a creamy, tender but not runny risotto.