It’s a dreadful thing to be caught in the medical situation of having erectile dysfunction. It’s a condition that affects predominantly older men but at times even the young experience this. Thankfully for medical advances, there are medications and scientifically proven healthy lifestyle choices that can help remedy it. Here, we explore the many ways it can be helped. 

1. Lead a healthy lifestyle by exercising 

If you’ve always been maintaining poor diet choices, the likelihood of getting erectile dysfunction may be high. High cholesterol foods, cigarette smoking, and many more may be the poor choices leading up to this condition. 

One of the general and natural ways around this is exercise and eating healthily. In fact there are many exercises that can naturally battle erectile dysfunction. 

2. Pelvic muscle training:

Commonly known as keggel exercises for women, men themselves can do this to promote urinary continence and sexual health. It helps the penis to engorge with blood while having an erection while enlarging the blood vessels to promote healthy blood flow. 

3. Aerobic exercises:

There are even some research that shows aerobic exercises are beneficial since because ED is usually a blood flow problem. 

This can be apparent especially in Obese men, or people with high cholesterol and diabetes. 

If aerobic exercises are not your type of tune, then even a brisk 30 minute walk daily would help dramatically. 

4. Herbal remedies 

If medically prescribed viagra isn’t something you’re looking to get, you can always try herbal viagra instead which would have the same effects as well as results. 

Research has shown that natural remedies have the ingredients to promote what’s needed to eliminate ED and they are definitely worth a shot. 

If all else fails, we’d advise you to go see your doctor for a better consultation. Do remember that it’s always advisable to seek out professional opinions before considering any options that you may have read elsewhere.