What a luxury to have a massage chair at home, and what a perk to have one in the office. If you’re not living your life with at least one massage chair at home or work, you’re not living your best life. A massage chair seems like a seriously luxury anywhere you live or work, but it’s more than just a luxury upgrade. It’s a health benefit, and good health translates to a lot of improvement in the quality of life for both your family and your employees. If you’re on the fence about getting a massage chair at home and work, here are a few of the benefits your investment brings. 

1. More Productivity at Work 

You’re paying your employees not only to do their jobs but to do their jobs well. If your staff is unhealthy, in pain, tired, or stressed, they probably aren’t doing the job to the best of their abilities. If you provide them with a massage chair at work, you allow them to release stress, ease their aches and pains, and you benefit from it. They feel better, and this enables them to focus more, work better, and get more done. 

2. More Relaxation at Home 

Home is a place where you should feel happy and good, but it’s often the place you return only to continue to work too hard and without enough appreciation. Laundry, dinner, dishes, and everything in between make it difficult for you to relax, but a massage chair can change that. You’ll still need to do everything that requires your attention, but you’ll be far more relaxed by spending some time in the massage chair when you’re done. 

3. Health Benefits for All 

When you’re using a massage chair, you’re improving your circulation. You’re increasing your immunity, and you’re easing your pain. This helps you live a healthier lifestyle all around. You sleep better, you have more mental clarity and concentration skills, and you are more focused. You feel better, you suffer less, and your life improves because of all these things together. 

4. Fewer People Calling in Sick 

If you own a business and you have a massage chair, you might begin to notice fewer people calling in sick. Their immune system improves when they use the massage chair. They become less susceptible to illness, and they don’t need sick days as often. Their bodies are more capable of preventing the common cold or flu, and you have healthier employees because of it. Good health pays off in more ways than one for those who use a massage chair regularly. 

5. Less Stress All Around 

The major benefit that comes from using a massage chair is the stress relief you feel. Your body is able to fully relax, and your mind is able to clear itself of all the clutter it has because of pain, stress, and other factors. If you and your employees use this chair, you have a better quality of life. Stress melts away, happy endorphins release your anxiety, and you have a chance to improve your mood. Less stress means better health and happier people. 

6. Encourage Breaks

One thing most people are guilty of is not taking a break. You might not think you need one, but you do. Breaks are essential. For one, it’s not healthy to sit down for hours at a time without getting some fresh air or moving your body. It’s also not good for your eyesight or your brain not to change up your scenery or situation a few times a day. 

Breaks are a necessity in any workplace. You need time to clear your mind, and working longer and harder is a quick way to cause burn out. Burned out employees don’t produce good work. A burnt-out boss doesn’t make for a happy workplace, and people become angry and unhappy. Breaks are necessary, and it’s your job to ensure you are encouraging your employees to take them. 

7. Workplace Happiness 

Who doesn’t want to work for someone who makes them feel appreciated? If you show your employees you appreciate them by offering perks such as unlimited use of a massage chair at work, you make them want to work harder. They love the feeling of being appreciated by you, and this means they’re willing to work harder so you continue to appreciate them. 

8. Improve Concentration 

What’s better than people who are able to concentrate and focus on their work and their family? Few things, really. If you can provide your family and your employees with a massage chair, they’re able to use all the benefits already listed here to improve their total focus and concentration. It boils down to you being able to spend more quality time with your family, to have employees who make fewer mistakes, and to have people fully present in their jobs and at home. 

Massage chairs are a luxury, but they are also a health benefit you cannot ignore. This is an investment that changes lives by improving lives. People live longer when they are happy and healthy, and this is what makes your life more enjoyable. Right now is the time to focus on how you can improve your life, and that’s often by improving the way people live their own lives. You can give the gift of good help to your family and your employees, and there’s no better feeling.