Life is fun whilst you’re young, whether you’re a kid or still living it large in your twenties. You should be enjoying the world and its many experiences to the fullest whilst you’re in your prime, as stereotypical as that statement may be.

Of course, whilst youth does bring good health and a strong mind, that doesn’t make you invincible. Whilst you don’t need to worry incessantly about potential health issues, you should at least be striving towards looking after your body and mind as much as humanly possible.

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For those in their later teenage years or early twenties, the first taste of independence might come in the form of a job or moving out. As exciting as this may be, it’s important not to over-party or overwork yourself. Your mental and physical wellbeing can be affected through overloading yourself. If you’re wondering why you should take care of your body whilst you’re young, here are just a few aspects of your lifestyle that have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing and your ability to enjoy the things you love.


Even if you’re not a child anymore, your body and mind continue to develop and grow later into your life than you may realise. Diet plays a huge part in your development. Yes, we’ve all been nagged by our mothers to eat our greens, but it’s true that the growth which takes place during your adolescent years is the base for your adult body. Eating the right nutrients and vitamins today is crucial, though you can allow yourself the odd treat because variety is just as important as moderation. Everything in balance.

The senses.

Whether you’re a child, a teenager or a young adult, you depend on your senses for everything. You see the world, you hear laughter or music, you taste delicious (and hopefully not always unhealthy) food. That’s what it’s so important that you take care of your body, as you rely on it for so many of your experiences. Your hearing, for starters, is incredibly important, and you may have already damaged it through loud festivals, an excessive volume on your iPhone or simply rowdy nights with friends.

Whilst bad hearing is often deemed a problem for older generations, many young people do suffer from some degree of hearing loss without truly realising or accepting it. A hearing test is the best way to be sure. It’s understandable that you might feel uncomfortable wearing a clunky aid if you did have hearing loss, but you could always look into invisible hearing aids for something more subtle. On this line of thought, regular eye tests are vital. You might be straining your eyes and causing headaches, fatigue or further damage to them throughout your day if you have poor vision. Of course, eye tests can also point to other potential health issues, so it’s worth putting your mind at rest.


That dreaded word doesn’t actually have to fill you with fear. Simply walking to the shops instead of driving or watching your favourite Netflix shows on a treadmill every now and then, rather than slouching on the sofa for hours, could be hugely beneficial to your health. Cardio exercise and strength training aren’t hobbies reserved for marathon runners and bodybuilders; these things will keep your heart healthy and your muscle mass strong, which is important for your physical wellbeing.