Meet Yoli Shake’s YES – a meal replacement that helps you lose weight. It contains patented ingredients and grass fed whey protein and is available in chocolate and vanilla flavors. 

Yoli Shake is supposed to be super efficient for burning fat. Is that true? Let’s find out more about Yoli Shake with help of web site!


Yoli Shake contains specific sweeteners. First, it is Luo Han Guo, 300 times sweeter than sugar. There are no actual studies telling us about how to use it properly and what effects it causes. Next is Xylitol that potentially causes a laxative effect.

It also includes Inulin – a starch that can’t be digested and impacts gut bacteria. This component saves your body from making extra fats. Among its side effects, there are bloating, flatulence, and even diarrhea.


Now, let’s have a look at Yoli’s patented powdered mixture – LeanImmune Blend that contains grape seed extract, olive leaf, spinach, carrot, broccoli, Pomegranate etc. Seems okay, yet due to its dehydrated consistency, the ingredients obviously lose their nutritional value. This means eating whole foods brings you a lot more benefits.

Protein quality 

In each serving, Yoli Shake contains 12 grams of the patented native whey protein called Purawhey. Producer describes it as the finest, non-denatured, and biologically active. However, for the better effect, whey protein isolate should be combined with whey protein concentrate – you receive slow-acting protein providing necessary amino acids.

Amount of protein

The daily amount of protein should be 40 grams for females and 55-70 grams for males (for sedentary people). When you replace two meals with Yoli Shake, you receive only 24 grams of total protein. Surely, it’s not enough. 

Manufacturer states that whey raises the useful antioxidant Glutathione, yet there are no proofs how this actually happens.

Price/quality ratio

According to the information from the official website, you pay $80.00 for 30 servings. It means you consume 2 shakes per day, so this sum is enough for 15 days. 

If we divide the price into a number of days, we will get $5.33 per day. And the product doesn’t contain the sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals so its benefits are questionable. Isn’t it too expensive?

Milk quality 

Yoli claim that their milk is received from antibiotic-free cows and contains no hormones. In fact, less than 1% of regular cow’s milk has hormone traces.

What do customers say about it? 

Most of them complain about the over sweetness of the product. As we have already said, Yoli Shake includes Luo Han Guo – and this is probably what defines the overall taste. Besides, consumers outline such potential side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, bloating and so on.

Let’s sum it all up

Yoli Shake seems to be highly publicized and overpriced. It contains a pretty low amount of beneficial elements which makes it less nutritious than regular food. Another flaw is the extra sweetness. Next, probiotics added to the product aren’t really essential since the healthy organism produces them just by itself. In conclusion: the shake promises us a huge number of perks yet on practice, it is certainly not a sufficient meal replacement.