The college environment is complex in the sense that one would be unable to balance their diet while learning. In this view, there is need to mention that students usually go online to read the Essay Zoo with the intention to spice their eating habits within the college environments.

Given such a realization, there is a need to work on the eating habits within the school given the fact that most college students are unable to maintain the healthy diet. Importantly, students are unable to exercise effectively, maintain a balanced diet, and be able to balance their alcohol intake.
A good way to improve a personal health diet in the school environment should start with one indulging in consumption of nutrient-rich foods, whole grains and the lean protein foods. Additionally, the students have the alternative to eating natural fruits and fresh vegetables. This argument develops in the case that college students need to spice their diet by preparing their meals ahead of time.

This means that they can decide to make their meals before heading for their classes. Next, there is need to indulge in physical exercise within the school environment. This reasoning originates from the fact that college students lack enough time to work out given the case that they spend more time on studies and co-curriculum activities. 

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The other important point to consider is that one should balance their study time effectively so that they get sufficient sleep. Next, there is a need to work on the late night socialize programs.

This means that a student should avoid being overworked on many occasions since this while contributed to oversleeping during the wrong times of the day. Lastly, alcohol consumption should be regulated for the college students. This statement means that college students should watch their alcohol intake since it contributes to body hangover and disrupted sleep time.

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