Getting the figure and body of your dreams is not that easy. You need to make some lifestyle changes which will help you achieve your goal. If your tummy is stressing you out, then you definitely need to search for ways in which you can make your tummy flat. 

Tummy fat is the hardest one to go and you’ll notice it once you start losing some weight. However, thanks to the fitness experts, there are some exercises which aim only to target the reduction of belly fat and to make it as flat as you possibly can. 

Even when you think you might feel absolutely comfortable in your body and don’t have to worry about body toning then know that even more than you losing weight for your self-confidence, you have to do it for health purposes. Belly fat is actually dangerous as it increases the risk of an individual developing diabetes type 2. 


To make the belly flat, you cannot purely depend upon either the exercise or the diet individually. You have to take both these side by side to cut your stomach fat. It is suggested that if one has to reduce belly fat, he/she needs to consume foods rich in fiber. Moreover, you need to avoid sugar-rich foods as you would in your ordinary diet plan. Avoid going for packet foods or processed foods and even the ones that have ‘’ sugar-free’’ written upon them. 


As we have mentioned already, you JUST CAN NOT depend upon your diet plan to make you lose weight and then tone your body as well. You have TO EXERCISE to make your body tighter. Below are 5 exercises specifically to make your belly flat. If you are tired of bulging out stomach and are scared of the way it can negatively impact the functioning of your organs than your health concern is real. We have shortlisted 5 easy exercises which are safe for anyone to perform and help lose belly fat quickly if they are properly followed. 

1- Sit-ups. 

Wanna strengthen your abdominal muscles? Then trust us, there’s no better exercise you can perform other than sit-ups. To perform this exercise, all you need is a gym mat. 
You need to start by lying flat on the ground with your posture straight and with your face direction right upwards. Keep your arms behind your head. Motion your upper body towards your knees while keeping your lower body still and firm. While you bring your body back towards the mat, you have to inhale and do the opposite i.e. exhale as you move your body up. Do not stress or strain your neck. Your abdominal muscles will be strengthened only if they are the ones performing the function. 
Repeat the exercise 15 times and 10 times if you feel 15 is stressing you out. 

2- Crunches.

Crunches are really well-known by someone who is all into exercise. Crunches are the easiest way to lose belly fat without including any kind of equipment and right at your home. 
To perform this exercise, lay flat on your back upon your gym mat, then bend your knees along with placing your hands behind your head. Your feet should be flat on the floor. Then move uplifting your body and down and while you do so, exhale and inhale respectively. You can repeat it for some minutes. 

3- Twisted Crunches.

Twisted crunches are just a little modification to the normal crunches. You have to lie down just like you did while performing the normal crunches. In twist crunches, you have to keep your left torso stuck to the ground and your right shoulder towards your left side. You have to do the same with the left shoulder but be sure to keep your right torso stuck to the ground for this one. 
-It is preferred to repeat this exercise for about 10 times. 

4- Bicycle exercise. 

Many people have this misconception that this exercise requires a bicycle and so they scroll without even reading how to perform it. 
NO, it doesn’t require any bicycle. It is named ‘’Bicycle exercise’’ because of the bicycle like movements that you make while doing this exercise. Below, is how you have to do it. 
Lie flat on the ground on your gym mat and keep your hands behind your head. Your legs should be right off the ground and should be bent at your knees. Start by bringing your left leg closer to your chest and your right leg carefully positioned away. Then you have to switch the roles, i.e. bring your right leg closer to your chest this time and left away. This will give you a bicycle paddling-like movement. Repeat this exercise. 

5- Mountain Climber exercise. 

Okay, so this exercise is named as a mountain climber because while performing this exercise, you are positioned as a mountain climber would. 
To perform this exercise, your hands should be in such a position that they are right below your shoulders. This will form a straight line from your head till your feet. 
Then lift your left foot up from the floor and towards your chest inward. Tap your foot with your right foot and then when you return to the initial position, repeat the exercise but be sure to keep your legs interchanging.


As we have already mentioned above, exercise and diet tend to right hand in hand. Therefore, to lessen the belly fat and make it flat, you need a weight-loss calculator which will help you know the amount of calories you need to consume per day to lose weight in a specific amount of days. The total calorie intake of yours varies depending upon a number of factors such as the amount of days you have to hit your target and the number of weight you have to lose. Below, we have provided the basic outlook of the weight loss goal calculator which can help you calculate your daily intake of calories which will aid you with weight loss.

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