Juice is the prime source to attain health and fitness. It is a fundamental need of people of all ages in different lifestyle and daily routine. It is very important for those who are struggling for gaining muscles or weight loss. Every such person needs the best juicer machine to make nutrient full juices of leafy greens to clean their colon for weight loss or to intake sufficient amount of nutrients for gaining muscles. 

Which juicer machine is best for me?

Every juicer extracts juice for you. But you don’t need every juicer. Either a masticating juicer machine or a centrifugal juicer machine; it is actually your need which defines a juicer as the best juicer machine. Do you really know you need a juicer machine? What are your daily routines? Where does a juicer machine fit in your daily routine? Are you aiming to lose your weight? Are you a gym person or a regular runner? Is juicing part of your daily routine? If any question belongs to you then, yes, you need the best juicer machine to achieve all the goals related to above questions. Juices are entirely hygienic and you can prepare your nectars at home with the help of a best juicer machine. Let’s see if a masticating juicer machine or a centrifugal juicer machine fit your need.

1. The best juicer machine for weight loss seekers

Drinking raw vegetable and fruit juices as well as smoothies are new ways to reduce weight. These are full of water, nutrients and dietary fiber. Though, water and dietary fiber are not considered as nutrients, but these are vital in playing a key role in weight loss. In the journey of weight loss, you do not need fruit or vegetable extracts. You need to take juices of leafy greens as well as fruits with pulp. These juices are good to give you a feeling of fulfillment. The masticating Juicers are the best juicer machines on the way to weight loss. These juicer machines are highly efficient as they provide higher volumes of juice especially from leafy greens; retain more enzymes and nutrients, noise free and versatile in comparison to centrifugal juicing machines. Due to versatility, these juicer machines also offer several functionalities to get multiple tasks done other than juicing. 

2. The best juicer machine for the workout geeks

If you are fond of exercise such as jogging, swimming, cycling, or playing some sport, to recover your lost energy, you need fresh juices. For the purpose, it is better to take fresh juice extracts of ginger, orange, apple, grapes, carrot and other citrus fruits without pulp. These juices are good to take before workout/gym/sport. On the other hand, people, when come back after a hectic workout needs energy that they have lost during the workout. To attain sufficient amount of energy back after workout, you need green protein like green mango, coconut water and other fruit and vegetables that can keep you hydrated. It means you need only extract of the fruit or vegetable. To get the extracts of the fresh fruit and vegetables being a workout geek the centrifugal juicer will be the best juicer machine for you. 

3. The best Juicer machine for the body builders or Calisthenics guys

These guys play wildly with the muscles so they need a juicer machine that can provide them high-protein of leafy green vegetables, pulpy fruit with probiotic power. A body builder and a Calisthenics needs juices of large collard leaves, stalks celery, purple cabbage, spinach, strawberries, mango, watermelon and other pulpy fruits and vegetables to gain muscles. The masticating Juicers are the best juicer machines for the body builder and the Calisthenics guys.

4. The best juicer machine for the Juices for Kid’s Vitality

Some people love to start their day with juices in their daily routine. Kids should take juices in the breakfast and in supper. Women at home need to take juice of carrot and orange to gain vitality. If you love to take juices like orange, carrot, apple, cucumber and mango then you need to have the best juicer at home. As you need the extracts of the fruit and vegetables, the centrifugal juicers are good for this purpose.
For the moms of small kids, these juicers are essential for kitchen. Why do mothers need these machines? They need it for many reasons. Due to the health factor, the fresh drink is very important. Your gourmet kitchen needs the modern machine to make fresh juices at home. A huge variety of these juicers is available in the market.

We have discussed all the scenarios where a juicer machine is always required. Looking at your routine you can now well define your need to buy the juicer machine for you. Happy shopping!