‘Health is wealth’ - This famous saying says it all. But in this era when we are having so busy work schedules and hectic life, its impossible to maintain a good health inspite of having an intense urge to do so. When you are faced with two situations, either to work an extra hour or head to aerobics or yoga, it becomes very tough for you to persuade yourself to do the latter, as the former one will be an add on to your productivity stride.

Its easy to wolf a pre packaged sandwich rather then preparing a proper breakfast for yourself.

Besides that, what about if I give you some useful tips to be the busiest and the healthiest sort of yourself at the same time ?? I am sure with all these tips you’ll get a healthy body in this totally packed schedule of yours atleast most of them will stick and all will help.
So, I have come up with 7 really good tips for you which, I believe, will work like a miracle for you to get a good health amidst your busy work schedule and hectic life.

1. Go for soups and stews

Various kinds of soups and stews really works !! Its very easy and quick to make also. You can make a huge stock when the week starts, keep the leftovers in freeze and have them when needed. It saves a lot of time and at the same time provides you with all the nutrients.

2. Hop into your house gyms

Getting a house gym is better option then going to the gym. You save a lot of time here!! You can buy some really useful gym equipment from Fitness superstore in the UK with some great money saving deals like using Fitness Superstore discount code.

3. Have more iron !!

You must add iron containing food items like lentils, oats etc in your diet which keep your energy level high and you can work better in your busy schedule without any fatigue.

4. Have a mindful meal

Don’t gulp your meal when you are busy.In that process you eat more as you remain ignorant of the amount, it also leads to poor digestion system. But its very necessary for you to eat your meal mindfully no matter how stressed you are. You will end up eating much lesser and feeling much better.

5. Add eggs, meats to…..everything

A mixture of all kinds of foods is best to get a good health. So make sure your diet consist of veggies, fruits, meat, milk and so on.

6. Have a ready store of snacks !!

Its very obvious you sometimes lose your 30 minute lunch time for delayed schedules but at that point of time you must have a secret pack of snacks to have, may it be dried fruits or any particular snacks items.

7. Hop into more protein !!

Get more protein in your diet as this will make you healthier. With the natural protein foods also have direct source like protein supplements. You can get some best quality protein supplements from Dealslands. 

So, now there is no need to feel that being busy with your work you can’t have a healthy life. Try and adapt these habits and have a properly balanced life between health and work.