Aesthetic  surgery: is it worth it?
People have always been obsessed with their bodies, but not all of them are willing to opt for potentially harmful surgery treatments, which tend to be too invasive. Surgery treatments can often have terrible consequences and if they don’t, they usually help you enhance your body.


On the contrary, surgery treatments such as liposuction, tummy tuck, plastic surgery can cause permanent damages to your body, leave you feeling weak and in few cases lead to death. The main problem is due to the fact that a great segment of those who choose to undergo one of these treatments are more likely to focus on the result rather than analyse the effective risk. Another important aspect to consider is that, while a few years ago surgery treatments were considered to be exclusive, nowadays there is a constant growth of people who opt for unreliable low-cost alternatives.

Anyway, for those who are trying to lose fat, there are several methods which allow people to reshape their bodies, without having to intervene directly on the fat leaving anaesthetic scars on your skin. One of these treatments is called cool sculpting, a new procedure developed by expert scientists of Harvard University of Massachusetts.  It basically consists in eliminating fat cells through cooling technology without surgery procedure, thus creating long-term results. Cool sculpting in the healthiest way to perfection your body; in fact, unlike most of the surgery treatments, it does not guarantee ephemeral immediate results.

Another advantage of cool sculpting is that it doesn’t leave traces on our body, as it lets your body change naturally, avoiding probable risks. 

However, in order to undergo such a treatment, there are several conditions to respect. There are certain prerequisites that people must have for obtaining results. Experts advise people who decide to rely on cool sculpting to stick to a healthy diet and an intensive workout routine not to cause problems. Since cool sculpting aims at defining your body, it is necessary to lose fat as much as possible before intervening clinically.

So the question is:

Am I a good candidate for coolsculpting?

What are the conditions to undergo this treatment?

First of all, according to doctors specialised  in cool sculpting, obese people cannot undergo such a procedure; cool sculpting isn’t a weight loss treatment, therefore for achieving success you should be within a certain range that is 30 or even 20 pounds of your stable weight. Furthermore, it seems like this treatment has incredible effects on inner thighs, hips, belly and arms which are visible only after few months.

Advantages and disadvantages of cool sculpting

Cool sculpting is addressed to people who want to get rid of love handles, excessive fat gathered on the belly or between thighs, excessive fat on arms, in other words, fat that makes people feel uncomfortable with them. Usually, when people lose a big amount of weight, losing and getting rid of the last few pounds is the hardest goal to achieve, especially for those who strive for a perfect body shape.

Unlike many people tend to believe, defining your body is even more difficult than losing 40 or 50 pounds because our body gets used to a high quantity of calories, so once we start reducing it, our weight loss process becomes faster, while when the amount of calories we assume is proper for our target weight, our body automatically registers the ideal quantity of energy our organism requires in order to remain stable.

That is the reason why changing certain data becomes difficult; in other words, it is like trying to convince our body that it doesn’t necessarily need that quantity to survive. Anyway, diets do not always help us success getting the body shape we want,; after having lost weight people have to face excess skin and terrible stretch marks all over their arms, thighs, hips and of course, their chest. Women have to deal with problems such as flabby breast, hanging fat deposits under arms and stomach , problems that make them feel unconscious of their beauty, uncomfortable with their own body and of course making them insecure of themselves. 

Many people suffer every day for not accepting their body, especially women who are even more pressed by female beauty stereotypes that fashion magazines have created, and that feeling often push them to pay a fortune for invasive surgery treatments. Thanks to cool sculpting, with a little bit of patience, faith and determination, it is finally possible to solve such problems through a healthy process that doesn’t put one’s life at risk. 

Remember that picking the easier way never brings good results; on the contrary working hard for something, doing sacrifices to achieve a goal is always to best method to be successful, whatever your aim is. Cool sculpting is not an alternative to diet, it does not replace liposuction; it just helps people redefine their bodies. To confirm this statement a plastic surgeon from Chicago says:

“Cool Sculpting is not a weight loss treatment or program.  Cool Sculpting treats fatty areas that do not respond to diet and exercise.  A patient can expect to lose 20 - 23% fat in the treated area after one treatment.  This is not a replacement for surgery or a diet.”

On the other hand, there are few things people might not be aware of which magazines and television do not explain. Surfing the net it is possible to read surgeons’ reviews on forums, blogs and website. In this regard, some of them claim that cool sculpting “It's definitely not pain-free” (DR Michael Persky), or even that this treatment does not help you improve skin laxity. According to some others, a single treatment won’t show important results, so basically it is necessary to pay for more in order to get rid of the 40% of your fat.  


Unlike liposuction cool sculpting might not be that effective, but it is essential to remark that this new procedure cannot cause permanent damages to your body. Recent studies show the percentage of women in the United States who undergo liposuction, equal to an 87%, in spite of serious risks, such as infections, visceral perforations, skin necrosis, and toxicity and so on.

Are you eligible for cool sculpting?

However, getting back to the subject, there are other conditions to respect in addition to your weight if you are thinking about undergoing cool sculpting.  Certain conditions are more likely to be successful in cool sculpting, for instance, in people who have saddle bags results are often incredibly satisfying. Before undergoing the procedure, patients are usually examined by a doctor so that he is able to determine whether the person is a good candidate for cool sculpting or no. Examination is an important step in the cool sculpting treatment, especially in patients with saddle bags, because of the many issues that cool sculpting can cause.

When excess fat in gathered in the inner and outer part of thighs, doctors can have problems during the treatment since it is usually determined by loose skin. If you have loose skin, it can even get worse if you undergo cool sculpting which basically removes subcutaneous fat, thereby enhancing the quantity of handling skin. In some experts’ opinion thighs are a difficult part to deal with as there might be problems with the usage of the device: if there isn’t enough skin to treat and roll into the device head, the device could not work properly, thus having a negative impact on the final result of the procedure and of course on the patient, who will regret having spent much money in vain. Because of these problems, the selection of patients is very important in order to avoid undesired results.

Cool sculpting is an extremely selective practice, that’s why, according to doctors, a percentage of 95% of patients who opt for the treatment is happy with the result. A great part of them affirms to have noticed a difference of 5 mm on their fat mass after a single treatment. In addition, cool sculpting does not imply a period of rest after the performance, allowing people to keep working and getting back to their normal activities.

Another thing to clarify is that, cool sculpting is addressed to people of every age, making no distinctions even though it cannot be performed in certain cases: in pregnant women, in women who are trying to become pregnant, in people who suffer from Fibromyalgia or in people who suffer from auto-immune diseases that provoke disorders and  dizziness, in people who suffer from hernia in the area they would like to treat, in people who possess an excessive muscle mass and in patients who have already had a surgery treatment on the chosen area without a specific consent written by their surgeon.

In conclusion, if such conditions are respected cool sculpting will certainly satisfy your expectations and will not cause damages to your body, making you feel comfortable with yourself. Statistics, in fact, indicate a 90% achievement rate and confirm the effectiveness of this treatment.


Having read the article, do you think to be a good candidate for cool sculpting? If you are, be sure to stick to a healthy diet and keep working on your body to help the treatment have its effects.