Working out is necessary if you want to stay fit, but that doesn't mean you always like it. In fact, it doesn't mean you ever like it. If you suffer through your exercise because you know it's good for you, you should know you don't have to be so miserable.

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Stop treating your workout as a necessary evil, and start making it more fun. Or, at least, turn it into something you don't hate. There are lots of ways, both big and small that you can improve your workout, so it's more enjoyable. Before you next go to the gym, get out for a run or hop on your treadmill, make some of these changes to your routine.

Find Your Thing

Working out is a bit like your career or your hobbies: it could take a lifetime to find your passion. Maybe you've spent your 20s and 30s going for runs, cycling and lifting weights, and it's not until you hit your 40s that you realize you should have been doing karate all along. If you can't stand your workout, go looking for something you enjoy. Try all the usual suspects, and go for some wildcards too. Notice a kayaking course near you: why not give it a go? Join in with the local power walking group, try rock climbing or sign up for an aqua jogging class. You might stumble upon the one form of exercise you love more than anything.

Choose the Right Gear

Working out in the wrong clothes or with the wrong accessories can make everything that little bit worse. Before you start your workout, think about what's appropriate to wear. Take into account what you'll be doing, where you'll be doing it, and the temperature and weather conditions. Think about the things that make your workout better or worse. If you're annoyed by sweat dripping down your forehead or your hair getting in your way, you might want sweatbands for your head. If you get particularly thirsty, don't forget a water bottle. Take anything that will make you more comfortable, from a towel to a backpack to hold your things while you run.

Give Yourself a Goal

Exercising can sometimes feel so pointless. You might have the vague goal of getting or keeping fit in your head, but it doesn't always feel like enough. If you need motivation, give yourself something to work toward. It could be an event, like a local run, or it might be a personal goal of lifting a particular weight or shaving a couple of seconds off your PB.

Distract Yourself

If you're sticking with the sort of exercise that bores you, make it more interesting. A lot of people much prefer their workout when they have music to pump them up. You have something else to concentrate on and motivate you, so you aren't just thinking about how awful you feel. If you don't feel like music, watch a movie or you favorite TV show instead. Listen to an audio podcast or book, or workout with a friend you can chat to.

You don't always have to enjoy your workout, but it's better if you do. Make an effort to give yourself an enjoyable workout, and it will be much easier to motivate yourself.