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Transmission fluid plays an important role in maintaining the performance and longevity of a new car. Understanding its importance and how it affects the vehicle can help ensure smooth driving and prevent costly repairs.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Jun 24, 2024 17:15
Arriving at the airport is a mixture of anticipation and anxiety. Whether you are commuting for a long-awaited or crucial business trip or just heading to your dream vacation, effective airport transportation is as important as everything in starting your trip on the right note. In Melbourne, Australia, there exists a variety of transportation modes and all of them have advantages and disadvantages in one way or the other. Sharing services or driving your car to the airport and finding an appropriate car park for yourself are some of the options you can choose from. Let's consider each one of them to find out which one best suits you.   Read more
CAR NEWS  Mar 18, 2024 16:31
When you buy a car, you're not just buying transportation; you're investing in a piece of engineering that, with proper care, can serve you for years. One key aspect of that care is maintaining the exterior. In this detailed exploration, we look at how custom polishing and ceramic coatings can play pivotal roles in maintaining and enhancing your vehicle's longevity and aesthetics.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Mar 01, 2024 13:36
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