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When victims are involved in a crash while test-driving a vehicle in Chicago, car accident lawyers often recommend that they call the police to report the crash, get medical help for any injuries, and take photos or videos of the scene and the vehicles involved. People who suffer injuries may be able to file a personal injury claim against the negligent driver, the dealership's insurance company, or the vehicle manufacturer.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Dec 02, 2021 18:11
So, you have finally got your hands on an exotic new car. Maybe this is a moment you have dreamed about, or maybe it is a passion that has come completely out of the blue. Regardless, here you are, ready to take care of this new luxury item like your life depends on it.   Read more
CAR NEWS  Dec 02, 2021 12:37
People who are not used to driving in snow-covered conditions may have trouble getting traction or even just driving during inclement weather. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), around 11,000 accidents occur annually because of bad tires.  Read more
CAR NEWS  Dec 01, 2021 01:00
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