If you’re a tradesperson, then you’ll understand what we mean when we say that time equals money. Each time you can’t find a tool easily - you’re wasting time and without Quick Fist clamps to help you organise things, this can be an all-too common occurrence.

What usually happens is that you search through all of your tool boxes, with the tool in question being in the last compartment of the last tool box. Now, this can be irritating once or twice, but when it happens every day, it can really put a pinch on your productivity levels.

But Quick Fist clamps can change things entirely.

Quick Fist Clamps Are So Versatile

As the name would suggest, these innovative storage products mimic the human fist in that they’re able to grip smaller items that would be quite difficult to store easily otherwise. Whether you’re a tradesman or heading out on the trail, they make those regularly used items instantly available.

Let’s take a look at few of the types of items these clamps are able to grab:

Fire hatchet - Just what you need at the end of a day on the trail and you need a quick campfire
A fire extinguisher - In case your fire gets out of hand!
A snow shovel - which can literally be the difference between being stranded and free and clear
Jump leads - so, no more hunting around if you or someone else needs help getting started
Rope - Who wouldn’t find rope useful in a range of situations?
Your favorite cordless drill - meaning it’s always available and accessible when it’s needed

We could go on and on listing items that these hugely useful clamps can be used for, but suffice to say, if you want your most commonly used small items to remain safe, undamaged and easily accessible, these fist clamps are possibly the best option.

Keeping You and Your Truck Safe

Another aspect that often gets forgotten and a reason why quick fist clamps represent a wise purchase is the aspect of safety. If you were to have an accident in your truck, you could find your loose tools in the back flying forwards and injuring you from behind - which happens more often than you might realise.

Quick Fist Clamps Offer Affordable Function

The great thing about these clamps is that they are so affordable. You can get a set of five and still get change out of $20, so the factor of cost really isn’t something that should stop you adding this extra storage for your vehicle. 

So, if you like the sound of being able to find those important items quickly and without wasting too much of your day, then it’s an investment that we’d certainly recommend. 

Many people don’t think about the safety aspect of having loose items in the back of their truck, but it’s pretty obvious once it has been pointed out to you. $20 or years of not being able to find things? It’s a bit of a no-brainer.