Roads are most prone to wear and tear, especially asphalt/bitumen roads that experience heavy constant traffic. And according to research, trucks and other heavy vehicles cause more damage than the average commuter sedans.

Even roads that don’t experience heavy truck traffic will deteriorate over time. Sooner or later, you will eventually see cracks forming on the pavements on your commercial or residential properties.

In this article, you can gather important information about asphalt roads and pavements, as well as learn to determine when it is time to consider professional road repairs Brisbane asphalt companies offer.

How Roads Get Damaged

There are a lot of reasons why roads get damaged. Asphalt typically lasts long, but constant exposure to extreme conditions may weaken its foundation. The need for asphalt repairs Brisbane bitumen companies offer depends on the extent of the damage.

Here are the major causes of asphalt damage:

Water. If water settles on a single area of the road or pavement, it can wear the asphalt and initial cracks will start appearing. Once water seeps into the crack, the base layer of the asphalt will suffer serious damage. When it happens, you will need the help of experts in road repairs Brisbane has to patch it up.

UV radiation. Who would have thought that UV rays can damage roads? Basically, UV radiation is found to damage asphalt shingles. Technically speaking, it also has the same effect on asphalt roads and pavements. It is the reason why asphalt binders break down and become brittle. So, if you are looking for some cause of loose gravel on asphalt roads, then this is it. 

Heavy traffic. As previously implied, trucks can do damage on roads, especially on asphalt roads that are not meant to take heavy loads. Continuous stress on the asphalt may cause cracks to appear. When not treated right away, these cracks can become potholes and may require costly road repairs Brisbane asphalt companies provide. 

Oil stains. Some cars parked on asphalt pavement may have oil leaking from them. Then, the oil can seep into the asphalt. This may ruin the top layers, and if the oil sits on it far too long, removing or repairing the surface will be difficult. 

Oxidation. When oxidation occurs on the asphalt, its integrity is compromised, making it less flexible and tends to be more rigid. 

Construction issues. If the asphalt road is done haphazardly, it will have problems sooner than its expected life. Poor asphalt road quality could result from improper asphalt mixtures, uneven spreading of asphalt, or too much or too little layering. 

When you see some problems starting to manifest on your asphalt road or pavement due to the reasons listed above, you should only contact the professionals in bitumen driveway repairs Brisbane has to offer for the best results.

What Are the Different Forms of Road Defects

As you already learned, there are a lot of reasons why asphalt roads and pavements get damaged. In this section, let’s discuss the most common forms of road defects:

1. Cracks. These usually start as minor or hairline cracks that were left untreated. Water ingress will then occur, leading to the formation of potholes. The minute you see a hairline crack, call an expert in driveway repairs.

2. Crazes. Basically, these are a series of cracks that are polygonal in shape. They start as minor or partial but will progress to total failure of the asphalt layers. 

3. Potholes. There are various types of potholes ranging from the small ones to the more serious ones, which can be dangerous to motorists.

4. Edge failure. This is usually found on roads that have an un-kerbed edge and forms on the weakest part of the edge. You can usually find damage like this on country lanes where the supporting structure of the road surface isn't found.

Key Takeaway

If you notice any problem on your asphalt road or driveway, check if you can fix it yourself using off-the-shelf. But if it is a major issue, you are better off hiring the professionals to do the bitumen repairs for you. This way you can ensure best results and avoid spending more money on a possible back job.

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