Your four-wheel-drive vehicle demands rugged performance from its transmission, especially while off-roading or towing. This explains why Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD service differs from what you get when you are servicing its two-wheel-drive cousins. Plus, your servicing requirements may vary depending on how often you drive in severe conditions.

Because 4WDs work hard, components such as the differential and transfer case need extra tender-loving-care to maintain them in peak condition. So, how can you make your 4WD last longer, and save some money along the way? For more information, just visit at mitsubishi outlander 4wd service required.

Service Correctly

When you get a new vehicle, the first thing to do is read the manual. This provides you with all the information you need. For example, a Mitsubishi Lancer service schedule lets you set a schedule according to your requirements.

The service interval for most four-wheel drives in Australia is 10,000 km to 15,000 km. However, some manuals may suggest that you make servicing more frequent when your vehicle works hard. Plus, a service may be required if you have been on a short but terrain-challenging trip. 

Make sure that the mechanic is competent—if you cannot trust them, it is advisable to find some else or even consult specialist dealerships. Ensure that the mechanic does everything set out in the Mitsubishi Lancer service schedule manual, for instance. Some will just carry out the service and leave out critical items like flushing the transmission oil. 

Get familiar with your 4WD so you can maintain it better and stay on top of potential problems. Research parts—while some aftermarket parts may be suitable, genuine is always better. Understand the oil viscosity chart and make sure that your engine’s oil is suitable for your environment. 

Know When to Engage Four-Wheel Drive

Using your vehicle’s 4WD capacity in slippery situations makes a tremendous difference in terms of driveability. 4WD requires slippage to occur between the rear and front wheels, which is why it is ideal for sand and gravel.

On dry pavement, there is no slipping and engaging the 4WD may overstress the drivetrain, increasing the frequency of Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD service required. A vehicle with automatic 4WD turns it on in case of slippage, so you don’t need to worry about switching modes yourself.

Drive with “Mechanical Sympathy”

Some drivers are happy with taking it easy, others are happier flooring the accelerator and bouncing their 4WDs over obstacles. The more care you give your vehicle, the longer it will last with better fuel economy and less damage and tear.

Mechanical sympathy means having regard for how hard you are pushing your 4WD. Never underestimate the value of the driver in vehicle maintenance. Understanding the Mitsubishi Lancer service schedule, how the vehicle works, and what to when off-road makes a significant difference in how the car handles.

Recommended Care

Make sure that your vehicle is ready to roll in any weather condition or on any road type by taking it to the professionals before the Mitsubishi Outlander 4WD service requires light turns on. Toowong Mitsubishi technicians carry out professional minor and major 4WD servicing. Go to and schedule your next service today!