Jamaica is a popular island in the Caribbean with almost 3 million people. Many tourists who come here on a short trip use public transportation to get around. However, the locals prefer to drive cars the same as in the USA. It may be rather challenging to buy a car in Jamaica but the following tips and steps will be helpful to facilitate this process and avoid stress. 

New Cars or Used Cars?

First of all, it’s worth mentioning that generally there are two kinds of autos on Jamaica – the ones shipped from Japan and the others that have been built here. So, you need to make your choice and decided what type of car you are willing to get. 

Experts suggest choosing the cars that were shipped to the island as they are more reliable. Kingston is the biggest place where you can find various car dealers. Otherwise, it pays to surf the net and find exactly what you are searching for.

You can find different new as well as used cars dealers on the island. It is convenient and will suit the pocket of every person. Which type of car are you dreaming to buy? Is it Mitsubishi, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mercedes Benz or maybe Jaguar? There is a wide variety of cars available for sale around the island so you will definitely find the one for you. 

Here are the steps to make in order to find the best deal:

Step 1 – Check Your Finances

It’s significant to perform a financial revision and understand what type of car you can afford to purchase – a new or a used one. Before you start walking from one car dealer to another it’s worth visiting their websites and comparing the prices. Especially in case you don’t have enough money in savings to finance your car purchase, you will need to turn to a bank for a loan. 

It’s not that hard to get an auto loan but you certainly need to know where you are in terms of finances, how much debt you can take. Never take more than you will be able to pay off. If your income isn’t steady at the moment it’s better to choose a used car as it will be much cheaper and will help to avoid long-term debt.

Step 2 – Perform Your Research

This is the second important step to make when it comes to buying a car in Jamaica. Once you decide what type of car you can afford to get, it’s time to research the cars that will fit your budget. You should also consider such factors as fuel economy, your own lifestyle and main reasons for buying a car. It will help you understand which vehicle to select. 

Keep in mind that used cars which are over seven years old should be checked thoroughly as you may experience problems later and will need to pay much more for its maintenance.

Step 3 – Check It Yourself

Even if you are in a hurry you shouldn’t purchase the first car you find. Various car dealerships offer various prices so it’s always better to shop around and negotiate the best price. Take some time now so that you will be completely satisfied with the result and will enjoy your new purchase.

Remember to inspect and check the car. Don’t hesitate to invite a mechanic so that they perform a thorough check and decide if a certain car is worth the money. Finally, if you aren’t satisfied with the price, you can always find several other car dealers and compare their prices to find the most suitable option.

To sum up, follow these steps to find the best deal and purchase your own car in Jamaica.