Infrastructure development has revolutionized our relationship with long distances and time constraints. However, while it’s  been the source of many positive changes, it has also generated more risks and potential life-threatening situations. Ensuring the safety of its drivers should be the main priority of any trucking company. In order to safeguard the mental and physical health of their employees, these are some of the essential measures for any trucking company:

Hour and Break Requirements reinforced by a trucking company

The main restrictions on drivers are the hours spent behind the wheel and the mandatory breaks. As set by the United States Department of Transportation a driver’s time is divided  into work and duty periods.  A work period is similar to a work week, while a duty period is akin to a work day. Understandably, it can be difficult for drivers to respect all the hour and break regulations, especially when there are deadlines to meet. 

It can be tough for drivers to maintain the hour and break requirements, especially when under pressure to get loads to their destinations on time. Many drivers feel that the 14-hour rule imposed by DOT is particularly difficult to respect especially when break times are included against it.

Regardless, prevention is still the safest measure. Trucking companies must find a way to accommodate the time limit spent behind the wheel while still allowing drivers to meet their deadlines. However, keeping everyone on the road safe is a priority and making sure that drivers are well-rested is the best guarantee.