Whenever talking about car upkeep, owners often end up thinking that different misconceptions are true. This is because lines between fiction and facts are fine. There are numerous car maintenance services you simply cannot avoid. In some cases you just need to visit a repair shop like pickeringsauto.com/auto-repair-shop-arvada-co as soon as possible. However, in others, although you might think you need to get the car repaired, this is not actually the case. This is why you absolutely need to know about the following really common car maintenance misconceptions. 

You Need A New Tire When Puncturing Yours

If the puncture did not damage tire sidewall or if it is over a quarter of an inch (diameter), the tire does not actually have to be replaced. With small punctures, you have to talk with the mechanic to see if they can be patched. In so many cases this is possible but it does require suitable tools and expertise. 

All 4 Tires Have To Be Replaced At The Same Time

If all the 4 tires are of the same model, size and brand, it does not really matter when they are changed. You have to rotate tires whenever an oil change happens so that their life is extended. Repair shops easily help you to do just that. 

Car Performance Is Increased By Premium Gas

When you buy premium gas, you get gas that is specially designed for higher and hotter compression engines. You just get a benefit in the event that your vehicle needs it, like the high-performance engines or the turbo charged engines. Be sure that you look at the owner’s manual since it will tell you if the vehicle actually needs the use of premium gasoline or not. 

Coolant Fluid Needs To Be Replaced When Oil Is Changed

There are many mechanics that will suggest some extra maintenance tasks simply because you get something fixed. One of the commonly added services is replacing air filters. The same can be with coolant flushes. Such tasks are not actually related to engine oil and you do not actually need regular replacement. Once again, it is the owner’s manual that will suggest an appropriate replacement timing. 

The Engine Runs Better With Oil Additives

In the event that you regularly change your filter and oil, the engine really has all that it needs in order to run as smoothly as it should. The addition of oil additives is not something that is going to help. In fact, it sometimes does the exact opposite as it imbalances the composition. 

Cars Need To Be Warmed Up Before You Drive Them

There are many car engine parts that have to warm up in order to operate at a truly full capacity. However, at the same time, the active engine will always warm up a lot faster than the idling engine. Also, the wheel bearings and transmission do need motion for full warm ups. The only real benefit of you warming up the vehicle is that you get to feel warmer before you go on a drive.